Giving Birth and Then Getting Out of the Hospital!

Yesterday the duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton deliver her third child a.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>A healthy baby boy. The baby is waving at us. Alongside her husband prince William
introduce them to the world and believe or not the Royal family is already back
at Kensington Palace because Kate leave the hospital just 7 hours after giving
birth, 7 hours, this difference greatly. Than the United States where women
can stay in the hospital two or more days after giving birth. But this is actually
pretty common in the UK. According to the Royal College of
Midwives, if the mother is medically fine, has supported home, good post natal care,
and a community midwives service, that’s a lot, going home five or
six hours after birth, is absolutely fine. And in Kate’s case, they really wanted her
out of the hospital ASAP due to the sheer number of fans who showed up in a frenzy.
>>Lonnie, I see you have your tea today.
>>Yes.>>And as our royal correspondent and royal auntie, What do you make of this?
>>Great accent.>>I know right? [CROSSTALK]
>>My God, I tried. I tried.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>I have the ghetto accent, you know, I see. You know what?
>>[LAUGH]>>For her to have a baby after seven hours and walk out in stilettos-
>>I know.>>I drink four margaritas and I’m in bed all day.
>>[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]>>Her hair was all blown out, makeup done.
>>She’s a good woman. You see the red dress she wore she
was paying a homage to Princess Diana because Princess Diana did that same
thing after she had Prince Harry. and so she was kind of giving
a nod to Princess Diana. I think that is just great.
>>That’s beautiful.>>Can we show when they had Charlotte and when Prince William brought
Prince George and look at Charlotte.>>Aw, look at her waving.>>She’s waving, and you know what she’s saying? “I’m still in the running y’all,
I’m still in the running as the queen, don’t kick me out”. But I do think I have never had a baby,
you’ve had one I’d like to hear your thoughts on it because-
>>My story is completely different because I had two-
>>I know but I think it’s unrealistic I don’t want
mothers to feel like they have to do that.>>Well there are some moms who are just naturally gifted At birthing,
my friend Jessica Luango, after she had her first son she was like
I’m ready to get out of the hospital. But she was able to have it vaginally. She was very, very healthy. For me, I had two c-sections. I had to stay in the hospital for
three to four days. With [INAUDIBLE] it was four days cuz
of the second c-section They just want to make sure that everything is okay,
you don’t have any blood clots, and you actually have your first big poo.
>>Yes.>>You guys know that? People who have babies. You guys know that?
>>Nobody talks about it.>>A lot of the times. I mean she looks amazing after having
a baby, I mean I was like God.>>[LAUGH]>>You know, but the hardest thing for me is I could not be discharged
until I had my first natural bowel movement.
>>Because all the medications,>>I love hearing these->>Sir, why are you laughing, that’s the truth.>>[LAUGH]
>>It is. It really is.
>>Yes.>>People don’t tell you that, because all of this, especially when you
get a C-Section, your intestines, are->>Shifted>>shifted, on the table, so they but it all back in and you have to make
sure everything is working naturally. That first one, whoa! It has you crying.
>>I just don’t want, because the thing is, she’s like, when she
first had, when she had Prince George, she stayed like a day in the hospital. When she had Princess Charlotte,
she stayed like ten hours. And now with the Royal Baby,
she stayed seven. So her next baby she’ll just drop it and walk out the hospital.
>>Seriously.>>No but there are women that have children at home.
>>Yeah.>>Yes. But you have to remember this, there are actually women that give natural birth
at home, they deliver their own babies and they’re up and walking around doing
it naturally so this isn’t so far-fetched so I think at the same time it
just depends on what your situation is.>>I think she has, I think she has a. Full service team at Kensington Palace. So she’s going to be fine.
>>She’s going to get home and be at the hospital in her house.
>>Yes. Pretty much.
>>You all kind of think back to the times when we didn’t have hospitals and
didn’t have epidurals? Women used to give
the birth by themselves, be their own doulas.
>>Yeah.>>Pull the baby out by themselves and they go and fix some dinner for the man after work, like is insane.
>>Sometimes I read they would go into the fields by themselves and
just like focus and sit down and. Well stand up, kind of squat,
and just have that baby. Women, we’re amazing.
>>Yeah, exactly.>>We’re amazing.>>[APPLAUSE]>>We’re super human.

100 thoughts on “Giving Birth and Then Getting Out of the Hospital!

  1. With my first child, I labored for 30 hours in hospital and then had a csection. I was there for 6-7 days. It was awful. My second pregnancy, i had a planned csection and was only in the hospital for 2 days. They let me go home early because all the staff new I was a confident mother and knew the drill and what to watch out for with my own body. Way better experience. Im all for leaving a hospital setting asap. Its generally a better and faster way to heal.

  2. Women are all different. Not all women can give birth naturally. Kate Middleton was healthy and took care of herself. Stop comparing yourself to other women and just have your baby and go away. 🙅🙅🙅🙅

  3. Tamera is right some women are gifted to give birth easily and the others aren't as lucky. We need to talk more about hard births. Even though we like to hear positive things. Because when your in a surgery room about to get cut open. You just start asking yourself "why couldn't i do it , why is this happening to me" you start to put yourself down. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Same happens in South Africa. If you are healthy and able to leave the hospital, we leave. I left 9 hours after given birth. 🙂

  5. I actually enjoyed staying at the hospital . I had a c-section and the hospital drugs and the drugs they actually give you to go home with are completely different 😭. I enjoyed not feeling pain , food brought to me, and ohhhhh don’t get me started on the cranberry juice and crushed ice 😭😩❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Well we in Europe and UK have free health care and nurses that come to your home for 3 months for free so… Its beautifull

  7. Kate Middleton had an "army" of staff, hairdresser, make-up artist, professional dresser, you name it ! They needed to make Kate Middleton look best, holding her baby, walking down the stairs in her 5" heels and into the car. It was all staged well in advance for the photographers.
    She probably had a full nursing staff waiting for her at Kensington Palace, when she arrived home from the hospital.

  8. Yes after c section they dont let u out till u have first stoll or gaz come out and if u dont they give u i dont know how its called small pills to put in ur stoll erea so u can poop or fart 😂 and yes i did it 3 time

  9. I love hearing Tam speak she’s an inspirational woman as well as Tia they both sounds alike; they’re both gifted an ofc they’re both beautiful inside out.

  10. Why was Adrienne looking like that at the end lol that’s how women gave birth in those days given their circumstances, some remote cultures and areas out there are still doing it that way, not everyone in the world is that fortunate. Women will walk to the birthing center/ clinic/ hospital and walk back with that baby the same day, it happens.

  11. Do what your body allows you to do ladies but I feel you should take those few days in the hospital and get as much rest as you can with help cause that will disappear when you get home and sleep with it.

  12. That’s a lie women in the old days did not give birth then go make a man his meal. In the old days everyone was involved with each other that when a woman gave birth the village or neighborhood ladies would have gotten together and plan a up too two weeks of meals to make for that mom and her family.

  13. 4 days in the hospital😱 oh no. My 4th child was born in a birthing center. Natural blessed with easy births. baby born 3 am home by 1 pm I was cooking and taking care of my other 3 children. I felt so strong. By day 4 I was done . Lol it was adrenaline

  14. The country I’m from in Africa, women stayed a week even if she gave birth naturally…It’s all about money here in America

  15. I have four childeren and i live in belguim the first one i stayed for three days the other three just 24 hours because in belguim they have the law if you gave birth you may not leave sooner than 24h
    And i hate hospitals if i could i would just deliver and leave as soon as i can
    I have had considered homebirth but i'm scared because we are woman and i'm scared something could get wrong with the baby or mom
    So i wont risk something like that
    And shout it out to strong women 👏👏👏👏👏

  16. I swear i left the hospital 2 hours after delivery naturally first child but my second i had c section so to leave i had to pop after the doctor make sur i did that also gaz come out i left the hospital which the second day of my c section and the doctor was like in one other condition u have to come down the stairs do not take elevator 😥 word can not describe the pain but i did it n left the hospital

  17. Ladies I'm sure there is a whole luxurious hospital in the palace that she'll enjoy much more than where she gave birth. They choose to hv the babies outside the palace for the public.

  18. It is true Tamera I had a c-section and I spent 5 days in the hospital n yes I had to had a bowel movement before I could have get discharge.

  19. It’s the same in México, I never given birth there but my friends had. If it’s in a public hospital, that same day you can go home if everything is fine with mom and baby

  20. As long as you have a completely natural birth, no epidural, you should feel amazing after giving birth. I have two children (both completely unmedicated and the first one was a home birth) and after both births, I felt like I could run a marathon! I had a ton of energy. You feel empowered and alert. It's pretty amazing. I'm ready to get up and do whatever I have to right away post partum. My only complaint is that the energy goes away after the first day. Then I'm left feeling wiped out and exhausted with all the breastfeeding and everything else there is to do. Lol if only that postpartum energy burst could last like 2 years 😂

  21. I gave birth on my due date after pushing for only an hour didnt need stitches and felt completely normal after …everyone is different 🤗

  22. I think it's totally normal because all women are different. Us women are strong and amazing creatures. We should give ourselves all the credit for carrying and birthing children regardless of how it happened. Because us mom's know it's not an easy ride.

  23. My mum got up immediately. My dad picked her and my bro the next hour and brought them home. In Nigeria, this is normal…

  24. Man my mom had me in Mexico in my uncle's room on the floor and I lived my mom next day had to go on with her day and life no doctor no hospita no epidural l no Midwife she had never even had an ultrasound or anything she don't even know what I was going to be an even if I was going to live let alone herself that is struggle

  25. Wow, 6 hours? See how they dont linger on for unneccessary times when they cant con us because health care is free?

  26. I gave birth naturally with absolutely no medication and I was completely fine a few hours after I gave birth even though I lost so much blood that I ended up fainting 2 hours after I delivered him. Where I'm from, if you're in a government hospital and there were no complications you go home the same day of delivery however, if you go to a private hospital they keep you for 3-4 days which I hate because they don't really give you a choice and I feel they just want to make money off you. They don't really check in that much especially on the mother.

  27. Here in Canada, you have to wait 36hrs because the baby has his first vaccines, they also wait until you have one bowel movement, i lied to get out because i dont sit on public toilets lolll I had a natural birth, 6hrs of labor, 1 stitch, perfectly healthy 6.5pounds baby girl and we had to wait 36hr to get her vaccine and then we could go home. Where i live we are not allowed to give birth at home because there is no midwife or whatsoever. I had to drive 1hr to get to the hospital. Oh! And they pretty much leave you by yourself, i had no help whatsoever throughout our first night, my boyfriend was at work. It was the most uncomfortable sleepless night of my life. They wake you up to check if you feed the baby and they give you papers to write down at which hour but they still wake you up instead of checking the paper. AC in our face, she would not latch so i had to bottlefeed and the milk they gave us was ice cold, she cried all the time, cramps, vomiting, diarhea… I would have been better at home. Thank god when we arrived at home and gave her the right warm milk(similac alimentum) my baby girl slept 4hrs between feeding! Turns out she is lactose intolerant and still is at 18mo. They dont give that milk at the hospital because its expensive. Nobody told me about pumps either.

  28. Id leave the next day i hate hospitals they come in push on my stomach every two hrs and they come in through out the night to check on me like im grateful for the care but girl i could be sleeping if the babys sleeping and u come in when the babys asleep and wake me up omg lol

  29. Hey in the Uk if you on your second baby your out of the hospital to self care at home if you and your baby are both well. I agree with squatting during birth gravity helps push baby down making it a smoother delivery let your body guide you.

  30. 2 hours after giving birth… my mom escaped from her hospital room and went for a walk around the premises… my mom… she can’t just sit down and chill out I stg😂😂

  31. I am British and my mum got out of the hospital asap, 4 hours after she gave birth, she left. She didn't feel pressured its just a normal occurrence in England or in Europe in general.

  32. My birth experience was so fast and I didn’t suffer at all. Im so grateful for that, i gave birth to my daughter 11 am and the next day I left around 11 am as well.

  33. I had 2 C-Section’s too…& Tamera is 100% correct with the BM. Lol. The laxative works in like 15 seconds. Swear.

  34. They were willing to let me be discharged after 3 sets of stitches after all of 2 hours with my eldest stayed in for 2 days though to try and establish breastfeeding. It is an option to kept in if you feel you need the support, they do prefer for you to do your first bowel movement before you leave though

  35. I could have left 10hrs after…my delivery was 15hrs long EXACTLY ! I needed the rest! But I got 1.5 days due to 24hr policy.

  36. Kate Middleton is so respectful of Princess Diana, always. I really love that. I hope she had a quick labor if she left the hospital that quickly. lol. Also I'm sure they have a nurse tending to her as well like Tamera said.

  37. More women died back in those days of going out in the field and having babies themselves. You can't do much if the baby is breached or too big to come out and there's a need for a C-Section. Most midwives can't deliver if it's a High risk pregnancy. So there's still a need for Hospitals.

  38. I’m so lucky I’m naturally good at giving birth. After I deliver I have my little nap and then I’m itching to get out of bed and walk around go home!!

  39. Here in the Netherlands its also normal to go home after birth in hospital. When everything is ok, its go home time. We have what we call :"kraamzorg" it 2 weeks or an amound of time per day, help from a professional. Who takes care of mom and baby..

  40. I had my only child induced vaginally. My doctor refused c-section. Because it took so much time to heal. However I had a 4th degree laceration – cut up to rectum. Had to be sown back. However, the nurse did a good job. My va jj is still tight 21 years later per my most recent visit to my gynecologist. Thanks Nurse! 😊She was 8lbs and some, 21 inches long. A couple of weeks early. Yeah long story. Labor/delivery was the easiest part for me out of the whole experience. She was here in less than an hour. Being pregnant is no joke. Raising them is harder.

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