47 thoughts on “Girl licks tongue depressor, puts it back at doctor’s office

  1. It’s sad .. and just as bad the mom made the video and did not stop her. No wonder the daughter is like this. That is not a good parent.

  2. Thats what happens when you are a wannabe young progressive mom. Idiots. Sad part is, the parent was an encouragement for this behavior.

  3. Her and her trashy parents need to be in jail. I don't care how old she is, this is the biggest problem with today's kids, they have no parents to teach them. And when they do have parents they are nothing but trash.

  4. The real one that should be getting the wrap is the medical center, sure I understand that what they both did was wrong… However, allowing the general public access to medical utensils seems like this was bound to happen and they the doctors/nurses or whatever have the responsibility to ensure that medical equipment is safe to use. Dumb medical center with lax regulations to ensure care is given without the risk of contamination by allowing dumb members of the public the easy access to the utensils without supervision (as I'm guessing the medical practitioner wasn't there watching them do this).

  5. This mother is a disgusting pig, this is what you get when you don't teach children right from wrong, grandchildren licking tongue depressors and putting them back

  6. Putting the criminal aspects aside, this incident points out a flaw in the system. I always looked at those jars of swabs and depressors thinking, wow who knows where those have been. Now they'll have to be individually wrapped at $12 a piece.

  7. These younger generations were coddled by the school systems, mental health "professionals," and the media. Parents, sometimes, aided and abetted this transformation of normal minded babies/children into narcissistic, brainwashed liberals who feel they are entitled to everything without having to work for it and without care for those who are paying the bills, which is why socialism is so attractive to them. You can bet this "mom" is a liberal idiot.

  8. Well look here, they just keep showing how many new mental institutions must be built. For the safety of the nation. All that have been caught, use them so no one else does it. 20 years of hard labor! Or better yet, use your power to bring justice, I hear it's a thing again.

  9. When you have an obsession with getting attention and approval, limited intellect and no self respect…..sadly this is the result.

  10. Give the mom 20 years and the daughter 5 years. I know several of 11 year olds who know better than this. She wasn't peered by her mother, she clearly enjoyed it.

  11. I like how the dad said that he's sad that she posted it for everyone to see. Huh? You mean you're not pissed about her even doing something like that?

  12. Bets it’s gonna be real funny when an immunocompromised child gets real sick from the simple strep that idiot just put on the depressor.
    “This is why we can’t have nice things…” or herd immunity.

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