6 thoughts on “Girl licks tongue depressor, puts back in container at Jacksonville medical center

  1. A Modern American Mother(MAM) teaching a female spawn how it's done. She is quite typical, she just got too excited in being able to show all the other MAMs how good she is raising her offspring. Notice the look of disbelief while lying about being sorry. I wonder if her mother is proud of her?

  2. "You go ahead and lick that, honey, you lick that and put it back" ~pat pat~ "tee hee" How about both of them leave that office with a few tongue depressors up their asses? ~pat pat~ "tee hee".

  3. Now they are going to have to lock up the tongue depressors because other kids will want to do it. SMH. If the mother does apologize, I'm sure she'll only be sorry she posted it online, not that her daughter did it.

    Now that I think about it, tongue depressors have been sitting out in doctor's offices for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure she's the first person to ever do it (but maybe the first to post it online). One thing I've realized is that if you can think about something or have done something, chances are someone else has thought about it or done it.

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