Giacomo M. Meeker, MD: Board Certified General Surgery at Horizon Clinic of The Surgical Clinic

My name is Giacomo Meeker. I’m a general surgeon here at Horizon in Dickson. I attended University of Texas at Austin for undergraduate. From there I went to medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas. There’s a lot of things I enjoy doing but one of my
favorite types of surgery is laparoscopic – anything laparoscopic. I think the patients like laparoscopic for a couple of reasons. One, it tends to decrease the incision size
with less risk for infection. And I think also there’s decreased pain as well. And decreased recovery time for a lot of different procedures. I chose to come to Horizon here in Dickson really for two reasons. One, my dad has worked here as an emergency room physician for 15 years. The other reason is that I’m originally from the area. I have family that still live
out here. My grandmother and grandfather are from Dickson and Hickman County. To come back here and take care of patients in this community is something I really wanted to do. I have
two daughters. In my free time I spend a lot of time playing with them, coaching their
basketball team and doing things like that. My wife Monica always has my schedule full for when I’m home. “Dr. Meeker’s office”
The Surgical Clinic is a very large, diverse group. To be a part of it was something I
really wanted to do. Just to be able to have that collegial environment with so many great surgeons with so many different specialties and different levels of experience and expertise was something that I felt would be a great benefit to me.

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