Ghost Hunters: Ghost Caught on Camera at Haunted Hospital (Season 1) | A&E

Welcome to the
old Burley Hospital. This is amazing. I mean, ambitious,
to say the least. To say the least. You know, we have an
emotional attachment to it. We have developed
this love for it. It’s just a beautiful building,
one of the few in town that we happen to have. And so we loved it enough
to where Chelsea took what was going to be a down
payment for a home and turned it into
this property. – Wow.
– Yeah. No pressure, right? No pressure. So financially wrapped up in it,
emotionally wrapped up in it. So we’re really glad
you guys are here. – Well, let’s head in then.
– All right. – What do you say, huh?
– Come on in. Please, after you. Show us around. Thank you. I am really just
a few steps removed from what Chelsea has
already committed, which is literally
her life savings. Yeah. And if we are not
successful here, then that’s going to be
both of our life savings. And so you have owned
this for how long? About six months. And our experiences
started on the second day. So your work is
completely halted? I mean, you’re not doing
anything else in the building right now?
– It’s at a standstill. We had actually a concrete
contractor coming through here. And he saw these shadow people. It really scared him. And, you know, we could
see how much it scared him. I’m a construction worker. Three months ago, I came
by and I met Chelsea. And I asked her could
she show me around. So when you think about
taking the job here, how do you feel about that? Well, I had to– I had to think it twice because
I couldn’t say yes because it’s so creepy in there. Once I got to the
second floor, that’s where I start feeling a– a bad spirit. It’s really creepy. Like, if you had somebody in
back of you, like, walking you. Tell me about your experience
here at the Burley Hospital. Well, everything
actually happened here on the first floor. I actually sat right here
in this little corner on the floor. And we sat here and we watched
a shadow crawl across the floor. Can you describe the shadow? What did — what
did it look like? Was it like a
person or a figure? Or– It was creepy. It was– if it was a
person, it crawled. It was crawling. It was crawling.
Yeah. Interesting. Yeah. It never stood up, so– [music playing] So this is the old surgery. And it’s also the living room
of my future apartment in here. And so this is
where you would stay? Yeah. But I don’t even know if I
want to live here anymore. And, I mean, Chelsea is–
she’s a really private person. So, I’m sorry, but the
truth is, she gave up an awesome career
down in the DFW area, and a beautiful
condo, and then– and then this was a dream. And suddenly, it’s– it’s a
little bit more of a nightmare. We can feel your discomfort. Even being here with
you, I can still see it. So we will do our very best to
try to get to the bottom of it. Let’s do it. [music playing] This is Grant, Kristen,
and Daryl on the third floor. That was weird. Something just walked
right in front of this. Are you serious? Almost as if it came out
of this room right here. That close? Right to the staircase. It was boom, right
in front of it. So, I mean, we can stop and
look at it, if you want. Yeah. Yeah, let’s do it. OK. Here. [gasps] Isn’t it– did you see that? Gosh, it was right
in front of us. Watch, watch,
watch, watch, wach. Whoa. As soon as Daryl, Kristen,
and I got up on the third floor, we caught this figure
moving from left to right across the
thermal imaging camera. We’d like to know who
we’re speaking with. Are we speaking to
a person right now? Are you associated
with the hospital? So any of the
entities that are here, if there’s a woman here with us,
please touch that device again. [beep] Oh! Yeah. Were you a nurse
in this hospital? Did you work as a surgical
nurse in this hospital? [beep]
– Yes. [beep] Thank you very much. Was your– is your name
Mary Lucille Myers. Mary Lucille Myers
was a surgical nurse who, unfortunately, killed
herself in this hospital. Wow. So she died on the premises. Am I speaking with a Mary
Lucille Myers right now? [beep] Whoa. Just to clarify, if I’m
speaking with Mary Lucille Myers, could you please
make that blue light go off, just like you did before? [beep] Oh, my god. Dude, there’s no
electricity in here. We shouldn’t be getting any EMF. Mary, did I see you? Was that– were you the
person I saw downstairs. [beep] OK.

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  3. My husband and I loved living in this pretty little town in texas, but it was always a little eerie to drive past this place ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. The construction worker had very clean hi viz jacket and hat , considering he had worked there , for three months , this pure BS .

  5. Do we have any reason to believe a "ghost" can emit a hot signature? The last time I watched these frauds, they tried to pass off cows walking through the woods as sprites.

  6. I recorded this last night and i watched it this morning and at the 12 minutes of the video when the guy asked โ€œ is there someone hear with usโ€ you can here a female voice saying โ€œ Stopโ€

  7. Wait. why did this guy and the other guy start different shows? why is this show called ghost hunters and the 3 other guys show not? why is it now on A&E?

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