Getting the Most from Physician Compare

[Music] You take care
of yourself. But sometimes you need
to find a doctor. That’s why Physician
Compare is here for you. Welcome to
Physician Compare, a website
created by the Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services, or CMS. All physicians and
other clinicians listed on Physician Compare
take part in Medicare. And there are three
different ways to find the information
you need. Let’s take a look at how
Linda, Mary, and Don use the Physician
Compare website to select
their doctors. Linda is a Medicare
patient looking for a new primary care
physician in her area. She lives in
Crest Hill, Illinois. The location box
automatically recognized the location
of her computer, and Crest Hill, Illinois
is filled in for her. Linda enters “Primary
Care Physician” into the main
search bar. The drop-down box
gives a few options for what she may
be searching for. She makes a choice
from the drop-down box based on
her needs. Here is the results page
of physicians who practice internal medicine
in Linda’s area. Physicians are listed
on the left of the page in order of distance
from Linda’s location. She can pick
from either a group or an
individual clinician. The map on the right has pins
to show practice locations. Linda’s current location
is shown with a blue pin. Linda can use the filters
across the top of the screen to refine this list of
physicians based on distance, Medicare approved
payment amount, gender, and more. She can use the “Add to
compare” button on a listing to compare as many as
three different physicians or three
different groups. These two icons indicate that
this physician accepts the Medicare approved
payment amount and has performance
information available to view. Performance information
shows whether the doctor provided patients
the recommended care. Now let’s see how Mary
uses Physician Compare. Mary’s current neurologist wants
her to get a second opinion for her constant
migraines. Mary and her caregiver Nancy
visit the Physician Compare website and begin their
search for a clinician. They find the “Search
by body part” button. Mary clicks on the
diagram of a woman’s body. They can pick the area of the
body they’re concerned about. Mary chooses “Head”
from the list of available body
parts on the right and then selects
the “Next” button. She then selects
“Headache/Migraine” from the list of
health topics. She selects “Neurology”
from the list of specialties. Mary is redirected
to the results page. She and Nancy select a
group from the list. Nancy has a friend who told
her she got great care there. They read about Medicare
approved payment amounts, affiliated
clinicians, [Music] and performance
information and decide this group would
be a good fit for her. [Music] Finally, let’s see how
Don uses Physician Compare. Don’s Primary Care Physician
wants him to see a cardiologist for some chest pain
he’s been having recently. He’s having difficulty
spelling cardiologist. But then he sees the
“Browse by specialty” button. Don selects the letter
“C” at the top of the page and it automatically takes
him to all specialties beginning with
the letter “C”. As he goes to
pick Cardiology, he sees that when he
hovers over each term, a definition appears to
explain what the specialty is. Don selects “Cardiology” and is
redirected to the results page where he sees a list of
available cardiologists in his area. He chooses
a group. He notices that
this group accepts Medicare approved
payment amounts and has performance
information available. Don also sees that
this group has “Patient survey scores”. He chooses the tab. These scores are
based on information patients reported
about their experiences getting care
from the group. Based on the feedback, Don decides this would be a
good group for him to visit. He’s glad this website was
able to provide him with vital information so he could
make an informed decision to improve
his health. [Music] Quality health care is
important for everyone. The Physician Compare website
is one of many ways CMS is working to help you
make informed decisions about your
health care. Explore the resources
available to you on Physician
Compare today. [Music]

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