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  1. Just wanted to drop this message cause I had the invisalign treatment and I know it's not a cheap treatment at all… I had worn braces before (secondary school for 5 years – until 2nd year of uni) and I had symmetry and overcrowding problems to begin with… But I think the main problem with my teeth is that they move very easily – which makes the treatment time shorter but also the potential to go back to original state of things also much higher… Anyhow, for 24 trays I needed to get, it took only 1 year to complete the treatment but then you have to keep wearing the "after treatment" trays every night… Earlier this year I got sick a few times and once or twice I forgot to take the trays with me going on holidays for 10 to 14 days, and they are now very painful to put back in every time I have to do it with painkillers… Also my symmetry is still not the best unfortunately 🙁 Anyhows, not to put you off or anything, I just wanted to share my experience with you 🙂 I guess what I'm trying to say is, it is a huge commitment and it does work way better than normal braces – since I had them both, I can definitely confirm that 🙂 But yeah… you gotta keep wearing them trays for the rest of your life T_T Good luck with it!

  2. I have a question do you and your husband watch the FIFA world cup? And if so what team
    Thank you big fan sending hugs

  3. Love that you are sharing your dental experience! I thought your smile looked very beautiful always.
    I am currently getting some dental work done and hoping it will help fix some issues as well.

  4. This is a great process for people like yourself who don’t have to have huge movement. My teeth were all over the place (especially my top set) and I had to have 4 adult teeth removed and full braces for several years.

    Good luck Sharla! Hope you get the results you’re hoping for 😊

  5. Hi Sharla! I got the same clear aligners for my teeth too! The pain is nuts for at least the first 2-3 days for each new set, but afterwards you just get the hang of popping them in and out. I still have trouble chewing things as soft as bread from time to time due to the increased sensitivity. But I love seeing the slow changes after each set. It's only been about two months for me so far, I've got about a year and a half more to go. Oh!!! By the way, if your dentist didn't mention this already, you should definitely ask him to prescribe you a higher fluoride prescription toothpaste! Because our aligners have to be in for so many hours of the day there's higher acid build up which will harm your teeth faster. The higher fluoride prescription toothpaste will help your enamel and slow down the erosion.

  6. hey – I had a massive over bite where I could fit my thumb between the upper and lower teeth because my upper middle 4 teeth forked out so much! I had clear retainers with grips for 1.5 years to move them in to the position they are currently in and I now have a wire between the teeth because the movement was so drastic. Honestly they are amazing – solved all the problems that 8 years of train tracks could not!

    Honestly best decision ever!! like the first month was so painful especially taking the clear aligners in and out it was constant ouch all the time. Make sure you have ice packs, cold drinks, ice cream, soup etc things that are super easy to eat as in require like no chewing. Then when you change aligners make sure you have them all on stand by again- but when you change aligners its like a walk in the park.

    Also ice if your jaw or mouth hurts – heat is not a good idea (I learnt the hard way!…. oops)

  7. I LOVE your hair in this video! I like the length and the colour, it really suits you.. and the glasses make it even better💕

  8. Sharla! You and I were the same before I got braces when I was a Senior in HS(2001-2002). My same front tooth was in the same spot as yours b/c I had to have the same K9 pulled b/c I had too many teeth in my small mouth, and trying to fix them with braces without pulling that one would not have worked, everything would have shifted back right after removing the braces. I wore my braces for 2 years and it corrected the alignment and spacing, so I'm fully confident that yours will turn out the same and you'll LOVE it!. My husband went the route you did and they worked really well for him, and he had some funky teeth, haha. So, Good on you for doing something for yourself and know that you WILL get the result you want(as long as you do as instructed). Can't wait to watch your progress and cheer you on! Get it, Girl! Love from Texas! <3 Kristin

  9. Ahhh I remember making a mold of my teeth when I got my retainers, it’s horrible! That almost choking feeling 😖🙅🏻‍♀️

  10. Do you think age matters for adjusting the teeth? Lots of people say that it's better if you do it at an earlier age because doing it when you are older can be really painful and may have other side effects.
    Can wait for your future results!!

  11. Helloo I’m new here and I am starting to really like your channel keep up the great work, ❤️❤️I have a question how long did a take you to learn Japanese and what are some tips?

  12. Your teeth were already SO NICE!! Mines like a train wreck lol. But I'm glad you are happy 🙂 Take care beautiful 🌻🌹🌸
    ❤Love from BC Canada. 🌲🌲🌲

  13. When I had to do those moulds when I was a kid (for getting braces) I always had to supress the urge to throw up lol

  14. I never even noticed your front tooth was kinda centered, but after you pointed it out, that's all I could notice XD Good luck, I hope you get the perfect teeth you desire 🙂 (Although they're already pretty awesome as they are. Most people would be jealous of your smile/teeth).

  15. omg just seeing that mold in your mouth made me cringe so much because I used to wear braces and the molds always tasted so nasty and i always felt so sick after it being in my mouth :99((

  16. Holy crap! Tony is GORGEOUS!!! Don't tell us about your job Tony! Tell us about YOU! Like are you single?!?

  17. THAT IS SO COOL! i’ve been thinking about doing some work on my teeth next time i go to korea but just put it off so thanks to you, i’m encouaged to do it! xx
    can’t wait to see your updates!

    lana, 23, australia

  18. i've never had braces or aligners either. and i didn't take care of my teeth so now i have dental implants and they're a pain to take off

  19. I want my teeth straightened but the dentist says it'll be 2 yrs at least & I'll most likely have to get jaw surgery as well, which is tens of thousands full price. I'm moving to Japan next year & I know getting braces there isn't cheaper so I looked into Seoul's market. Idk when I'll be able to get straight teeth if ever 😭😭

  20. I never noticed anything wrong with your teeth. Actually I always thought they seemed so white and I wished I had as white teeth as yours 😀 I like this video, it reminds of the time when I had braces and in the beginning I had to wear various of "fancy" gears, haha 😀

  21. iv had braces to fix my teeth in the past. it changed alot for me in terms of how it looks. i might try to send you the before and after pictures on twitter. i still have the mould from before the braces. im not too familair with twitter so idk if i can make it work but ill give it a shot

  22. I always thought your teeth were perfect! I actually went to the dentist last week to talk about invisilign since I'm missing two bottom teeth.

  23. The fact that here they still pull out half of your teeth and theres no such thing as invisible braces pains me a lot

  24. I actually never noticed that you are missing a tooth or that something has shifted 😀 Still not shure I see what you mean

  25. I am so happy to see this. I have the same problem with my left canine that's missing. And it made me glad that this can be fix. I am now looking forward to save money and do the same. Thanks! Please give me an idea how much, if u may? 😊

  26. Awesome~i’m quite curious how much its cost this procedure, hope at the next video you gonna let us know more about the price:)

  27. That's so interesting! I've been waiting for a good time to get my wisdom teeth out and I was thinking about an invisiline type thing since my teeth shifted a little bit but nothing crazy. I did have braces and a retainer when I was younger. I was supposed to have them for over 4 yrs but I ended up having them less then 2 yrs. Your teeth do hurt and feel sort but it's not too bad. Good luck!

  28. This is very interesting! My bottom teeth are very wonky but it's a common thing in my family, my brother, cousin, dad, uncles and grandad all the the same problem XD

  29. I didn't even notice that you had an issue with your teeth because you're so pretty regardless. I have awful teeth, I should have had a brace in my teens but I chickened out as I was such a wuss back then. I hate my teeth now but it's going to cost too much to get them fixed. I had a consultation a few years back & I was told by the dentist that it would be really difficult to straighten them now I'm in my 30s, although I've seen plenty of adults wearing braces so I feel like he just fobbed me off.

  30. I'm so jaded about the last cosemtic dental thing I had done. 3: I paid 600 for professional whitening and they botched it, burning my lip. They didn't have the proper size teeth tray for bleaching and it was so painful.
    BUT your teeth are looking amazeballs!

  31. So… after watching this video I signed up for invisible alignments! I'm doing Smile Direct club wince they are so much cheaper than others! Thanks for the push! I've wanted to do this for years!!!

  32. Looks like a lovely clinic, I can only wonder how much it cost? The service makes it look incredibly worth it though 🙂

  33. I had braces for two years to do something similar to what your doing, I think the liners are faster because of the frequent tray changes. You will love the results!

  34. loool I rmb the first night of my Invisalign, I woke up panicked because I couldn't feel it in my mouth and I thought they fell out.

  35. I promise it’s worth it in the end! I’m done with mine in 3 weeks and I feel like a new person! I will never stop smiling now!

  36. I fell off my bike & broke my jaw in three places last year on July 19th that's why I might be getting braces

  37. Is it also possible there to shave teeths? 'Cause my front teeths are quite big and I would like to have them shorter

  38. I'm a minute into the video and I'm already commenting because I have the same situation with my teeth! Missing one of my left canines but mine is because the dentist messed up when I was a teenager and took the wrong tooth out! He was supposed to remove a milk tooth only. I'm super self conscious about the asymmetry. Right, now I'll watch the rest of the video

  39. Ah they can shave down some of the back teeth! I never thought of that! My dentist told me they'd have to remove a tooth 😅

  40. Okay so i'm sorry if this sounds weird but thank you so much. You have no idea how thia video helped me. I'm a dentistry student and I'm going to my final year next year but in the past months i've been in a drought so bad that made me want to give up my degree (even tho i only see myself as a dentist O wanted to give up) because I was feeling like i was never going to be good enough for the field and I will always suck and end up hurting my patients. I've been avoiding this video because of that till today that I deciced to watch it. And thank you, seeing your exictement in having your theeth fixed made me realize that I do not want to give up at all and the reason I want to make a living out of this is because I want to put a smile on my patients face. I will worl hard this next year and hope i'll be the type of dentist I want to be. Sorry if this is weird and random but I had to say it. Thank you ❤

  41. I hate going to the dentist…. They always make me upset and try and say I need to have braces when there's nothing wrong with my teeth (my bottom front ones are crooked). Now their trying to get me to get a fake tooth in place of one that fell out which is in the back so I don't care about it. The tooth on the opposite side is the same one that fell out and it needs to be removed but he wants to put a crown on it which my insurance doesn't cover and I don't have the money on hand. So I'm avoiding them.

  42. You have a lovely, warm friendly smile anyway, but, I'm happy for you, because your so happy about it. 😀

  43. This is so crazy to see since I went to the Oaks Dental Clinic for dental work when I was residing in Seoul! So crazy to see the doctor, Tony, and the whole facility again through your lens. They're an awesome group of people.

  44. I had braces & have a bite splint (due to really bad TMJD) and getting those molds was the WORST!!! I gagged and everything. My orthodontist was slightly concerned I would puke. LOL! I think you look great without straightening your teeth, but I'm glad you're doing it for you 🙂 Love your channel.

  45. Amazing what’s available now. I have a crooked front tooth that shows so much in pictures. If u have the $$$, there’s hope. Glad u put this vid out, Sharla.

  46. Girl, your teeth are fine! They are worlds from horrible. The viewers that noticed anything wrong are crazy.🙄

  47. I have a missing canine because the tooth was below another tooth coming in so they waited too long and removed it so now the tooth that was coming is significantly smaller than the rest of my teeth

  48. I wonder if the dentistries there in Korea is better than the ones here in America; treatments and financially.

  49. i love your teeth! it looks good:) but i'm also glad that you finally made your wish! I think it make your smile even brighter:D Don't ever forget that you have such a wonderful smile and energy!

  50. This is ridiculous. You teeth are beautiful. Sometimes I think we go way too far. Her smile is awesome.

  51. Do you need to plug your teeth???And is it pain???And how much it cose??
    Is this better or that kind of metal better??? I'm so curious because my teeth is kinda messy T^T

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