Getting Heart Healthy is a Long Day’s Journey to Cardiac Rehab

Living in mammoth it is a three hour
drive for me up here and said ‘well, it’s my life or to drive.” The cardiac rehab
program here is excellent. It’s the only program that I was aware of that combines
nutrition and exercise together. What’s the point of exercising and getting your
heart strong if you’re still eating poorly or not educating yourself on that? Initially it’s kind of like ‘oh bummer,
I’ve got a heart attack.’ I have this nice scar here to remind me that I have that.
I have this heart attack, I can’t do anything, blah blah blah, I’m going to die young. You can have that outlook, and I just try to look at it from the positive aspect that life still
goes on. The surgery has come a long way in my short lifetime. It’s not the end of
the world; now you can live with this. Part of it was family history, race, diet,
combination of all those, but family history being a significant factor
because you can’t change that. Father has five stents. First of all, mentally I feel
a lot better now knowing that I’m not alone in this. There’s individuals,
even though they live here in Reno Sparks area, I’ve met them. They’re going
through the same things I’m going through and we have the same issues:
food cravings and, you know, trying to get stronger and also this feel better
physically: exercising and understanding the importance of doing that and then
the big thing: being educated on food so… I would have ribeye steaks which
necessarily not the best thing in the world. I would cook that for myself or,
you know, bacon and eggs. So now I would do fruit, cereal whole grain cereal with
fruit for breakfast and having fruit through out the day. I would cook salmon now
versus ribeye steak. Dropped some weight; it’s a good thing. I’d say since I started
the program probably 15 pounds. Energy level has picked up. Yes, I recently got
released to go skiing again. Mammoth is a small community. When that happened, a lot
of people made phone calls to the hospital so they’re aware, so they don’t
keep me on my toes as far as what foods, and what am I feeling, are you exercising,
how you feeling? So and it’s a general concern. The best thing know that caught
it early! That’s that’s been a good thing, but also this being able to pass along
the knowledge the education that I’ve gained from the short time I’ve been in
this program to my friends. Everybody benefits from this program. Especially if you have a heart attack yes, but if you don’t have those issues you still
get the benefits from eating healthier.

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