Getting Around Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

– My name is Pamela Runnels. I’m the manager of Guest
and Volunteer Services. I’ve been an employee here since 1998 in the Volunteer Service Department. I manage the employees at
our eight Information Desks that are placed strategically
throughout the medical center. Usually, the Information
Desks are near an entrance and we also have volunteers stationed at those Information Desks and other areas throughout
the medical center. All of our volunteers are in uniforms. They either wear a light blue smock. The adults wear a light blue smock or either a light blue jacket for the men. We have floor guides of first, main, and ground floor, at the Information Desk. And those floor guides are really helpful because on the inside, it maps out like the main departments on that particular floor and on the other side, it shows an outside map
of the medical center. – My name is Andrea Edwards. I work in the Volunteer
Service Department. I work at two Information Desks plus this Greeter Desk every day. Most people come in
through the parking deck. They enter here into Janeway. That’s just the beginning of the route and so we get them to Ardmore or to Brenners, North Tower. You know, Reynolds, Meads Hall, you know and then eventually to the Stichts. At the Greeter Desk, our main tool is our map and our memory because we know where almost everything is in the hospital, but the map is to help
the patient or visitor to take with them to their location. – [Narrator] To learn more about getting around the medical center, go to

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