Getting an MRI at American Family Children’s Hospital

>>Hello. I’m Stacey. I’m an MRI tech at UW Health. To help take care of you your doctor would
like to take some pictures of inside your body. To take your picture we will use an MRI,
which means magnetic resonance imaging. This is a fancy name for a really big camera. You might think it looks like a giant tunnel
that you play in at a park or playground. If you look really close at the center
you can see all the way through it. Just like having your picture taken with a
camera you have at home you won’t feel a thing. The camera in an MRI is special because
it uses magnets to take your pictures of your bones, muscles, or brain. Because the MRI works with magnets it
is important that you wear comfy clothes with no zippers or shiny designs. If you forget its okay, you
can change into a gown. You’ll also need to remove any
hair extensions, dreadlocks, bobby pins, sparkle nail polish, and lotion. When you are ready to go into the room
with the MRI we will help you lie down and get comfortable on a long, narrow bed. This bed will move up and down like an elevator. You will glide slowly inside the tunnel where
the camera can take pictures inside your body. Taking your pictures can take about as
long as a TV show or a movie so we want you to be as comfortable as possible. A family member can be in the
room with you the whole time. While the MRI is taking your
pictures all you have to do is lay very still so
the pictures aren’t blurry. It will be like playing a
game of red light green light. Make sure to get all of your wiggles
out before we start taking your pictures because you will have to
lye as still as a statue. The MRI camera does not spin or
move and it doesn’t hurt at all. But when it’s taking pictures it makes loud,
chirping, knocking, and clicking noises. [ Background Sounds ] You might think it sounds like a
construction site with drills and jackhammers, drums, and even like an alarm clock. To help with the noise we will
give you headphones or earplugs. Depending on the type of pictures you
are having you might be able to listen to music or a story on an iPod or CD’s. To help pass the time you can close your eyes. You can use your imagination to pretend
you are places that make you happy. Or you can take a nap. Depending on what parts of your body will be
in the pictures we might lay a coil on you. A coil that we lay on your chest
and tummy looks like a turtle shell. The coil that goes around your head looks like
a football helmet but it doesn’t touch you. There is a mirror above your eyes
so you can see down to your toes and see your family if they are in the room. When its picture time the tech will go into
the next room on the other side of the window. There’s a microphone in the MRI so you can
talk with the tech during your pictures. You can also hold on to a rubber ball and squeeze it whenever you
need to talk with a technician. Sometimes the doctor may
want to give you contrast. This is special water that helps some parts
inside your body show up better for the camera, just like a marker or highlighter helps
pictures that you draw show up better. The contrast doesn’t have any taste and
once the MRI is done it will go away. If you need contrast we will place an IV. An IV is a very tiny straw that
fits inside one of your veins. We will need to do a poke. But we can use numbing cream or a buzzy bee
to help take away the pinch of the poke. After your pictures are finished
the tech will bring you out of the tunnel and that’s it; you are done. We will send your pictures to your doctor. If you have questions after watching this
video write them down so we can answer them. If you are worried or nervous
about having an MRI please tell us so we can make you more comfortable.

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