Get to Know Tufts Medical Center

– When patients and people
are making decisions about getting healthcare delivery, the number one thing they
need to think about is, “How am I going to be
treated as an individual? “How am I going to be cared for?” The people who I’m working with are going to be technically excellent to give you the best advice on what’s the best thing to do today. When you look at Tufts Medical Center and the Floating Hospital for Children, you will find no better hospital. Tufts Medical Center was founded by Paul Revere and Sam Adams in 1796. The concept resonates quite well today, which is people coming together, coming up with a healthcare solution that then would enable everyday people to get access to good healthcare services. In the community, there’s the need for getting additional
physician and nursing expertise, and that led to this concept of distributive academic medical care where we send out physicians from Tufts to work in the community. – We bring the most state of the art care to where the patients and families live and to have the support of friends and family immediately around you is so incredibly important. – Every hospital has a
little bit different flavor in terms of the degree of complexity of patients that they can care for. In the last five years, we’ve
done more heart transplants in New England than any other hospital. You can see this in our case mix index. – Case mix index is a way to quantify the complexity of care that
an institution provides, and what many people
don’t know is that Tufts has the highest case mix
index in the city of Boston. – The helicopter can land
on the roof at any time. We’re a level-one trauma center and we take care of patients who are recovering from major surgery. We have some of the lowest
central line infection rates in the city and nationally. – [James] We provide some of
the most complex procedures and take care of some of the most complicated patients around. – [Michael] It really requires this entire team working together. – Specialists from surgery,
gastroenterology, oncology. – Nursing staff, respiratory
therapists, pharmacists. The entire team have to be
at the top of their game. – I cannot imagine
practicing anywhere else. People truly are trying
to provide the best care that they can and I’m proud
to be a part of a system that cares so much about the community. – I think people work very hard at that. Tufts medical center is a
really good place to work. I think that’s why you find
a very large percentage of people who’ve been
here for a very long time. People come here and they
devote their entire career here. – [Michael] Part of what
keeps people so engaged here is our academic environment, our teaching and our research. Teaching really is at the
fabric of what we do every day. We’re able to attract some
of the best and brightest because they want to be part of this great academic enterprise
known as Tufts University. – The Tufts, when you
look at any department or any division, we have experts that are internationally known for the care that they provide and for the research that they do. I have a lab that studies colon cancer and mechanisms of how cancer
develops and progresses. Tufts compared to other institutions really offers more
opportunities to have an impact. – [Michael] We very much
think that the societal burden of healthcare is something
that we must address. We cost less to the healthcare system. We’re able to do everything we need to do in the way that enables our commonwealth in our state to make sure
it’s making investments in the right place. – We know that it’s more
than just treating a disease or performing an operation. We’re taking care of
people around their family. – Ultimately, healthcare is an interaction between a patient and a caregiver. “Am I going to be listened to? “Is there going to be compassion? “Is there going to be empathy?” Tufts medical center and the Floating, we’re the best hospital in Downtown Boston because we stay relentlessly focused on creating the right
environment for our patients and hiring providers that very much want to be part of that solution for patients.

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