Geriatric Psychiatry at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center

The Geropsychiatric unit’s a specialty
unit found within Desert Springs Hospital designed to treat short term crisis
stabilization with individuals that have
acute mental health issues. Desert Springs opened this unit in 2011
to meet the growing need of not only lack
of inpatient psychiatric care but the specialized needs of the
geriatric population particularly. The mental health stigma isn’t near what
it used to be and so people are really ok saying “Hey, I need
help”, or “Hey, a loved one needs help”. And that’s one of the things that… is
we’ve gotten more by-in from people. It’s every bit a medical intervention. The Geriatric Psychiatry unit is
specifically designed to meet the needs of patients aged 55 and
older suffering from acute psychiatric
conditions in an individualized treatment program to
best suite whatever specific crisis our
patients are suffering. The unit has a highly trained group of
staff that consists of board certified
psychiatrists, licensed social workers, registered
nurses, and certified nursing aides all who are
trained specifically in psychiatric care
of the elderly patient. The unit treats mood disorders such as
depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. We also treat psychotic disorders such as
schizophrenia and schizoaffective
disorder. One unique feature of the unit is that we
are also able to treat co-occurring
dementia in addition to a psychiatric condition. The use of reminisce therapy and
cognitive stimulation and medication management combined allows
us the ability to treat both disorders
simultaneously. The best medicine we provide is
relationship development and kindness. And that’s my number one expectation of
my staff on the floor. It doesn’t matter what your title is, it
doesn’t matter what your role is, what
shift you work, or what your license says, everybody is
kind on the floor and that’s the most
important thing. We’re the only unit in Las Vegas that has
all private rooms. This allows us to provide quality
psychiatric care in a safe, compassionate,
and healing environment. Desert Springs has long been known as the
heart hospital in Las Vegas. The Geriatric psychiatry unit, its
qualified staff, and the people that work
so hard every day to help our community members and our
patients make Desert Springs not only the
heart hospital but a hospital with heart. If you or a loved one need our help let
our family at Desert Springs help yours. We’re here for you.

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