General Hospital 2, 07회, EP07, #05

– Thank you.
– Enjoy your meal. – Isn’t that Jinsang?
– Huh? Hey, what aren’t you eating? Oh… Why? You don’t have an appetite? It’s nothing. Did something happen? No. I know you. It’s written all over your face.
“I caused trouble again.” It wasn’t me… I was on ER duty last night. We got a patient… …who fell from Mt. Bukhan
and he had severe facial damage. Yeah, didn’t that patient expire? But… If Junghoon performed tracheostomy
faster, he could’ve saved the patient. How? I heard
the patient had C-spine damage. But he should’ve performed intubation. If he were 3 minutes faster,
things might’ve been different. How did he make such a mistake? Hey, have you done
a tracheostomy before? If you didn’t, keep your mouth shut. It’s not Junghoon’s fault.
He did his best. You can’t blame him
for lack of training and experience. How can doctors practice medicine then? Stop talking bogus and eat.
You made me lose my appetite. Thanks. Aren’t you really sick?
You should get yourself checked. You could have tuberculosis or something
you picked up from the hospital. I have a favor. It’ll only take a second. Why are you overworking yourself? What didn’t you do anything? You don’t have a family?
What about friends? Where do you live? Do you have a home where you can rest
other than the hospital’s nap room? Do you even eat? Do you have a person
who you can confide in? Do you even know how to cry? Why did you endure the pain
without telling anyone? Man, those rascals… Wow. I know the surgical department
isn’t as disciplined. But does it make sense to do that
in the exam room? What are you talking about? Are you acting dumb? I’m telling you
what I saw with my own two eyes. What did you see? Dr. Hayoon has pneumonia. Specifically, she has pleurisy pneumonia. What’s your role as chief resident? Aren’t you supposed to train
and encourage your juniors? Do things run smoothly
if you scold, nag, and criticize? Work unless you’re dying? How can a doctor say that? This happened because… …first year residents aren’t
considered human beings. You should’ve told me. You should rest. Are you okay? Yeah, I’m okay�

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  3. This scene happens again.. it is like a scene in episode 40 of general hospital. But kim dohoon injected lee jonghwa instead of baek hyeon il. In this episode, hyeon il's brother hyeon woo injected hayoon

  4. 고준희를 보면서 헤어스타일의 중요성을 느낀다.. 몇년전인데 오히려 저때가 더 나이들어보여 ㅠ 얼굴은 똑같은거 같은데 머리스타일로 확 달라보이네 ㅠ

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    변강쇠처럼 중요한 부위를 거대하게 키워주는 운동

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    메디사이즈 검색해 보세요 1분 동영상 보시면 원리를 이해하기 쉽습니다

  6. 고준희 얼굴 뜨길래 들어 왔다가 깝놀했네ㅎ… 이 때도 고친 얼굴로 알고 있는데 이 때보다 현재가 훨씬 세련되고 도시적 이미지네

  7. 도대체 왜 이 7분짜리 영상이 조회수가 2천만회 가까이 찍는거죠?? 고준희 성형전 썸넬때문에??

  8. Saya berharap tokyo of stori ditayangkan karena itu film korea yg pertama ksli saya nonton. Ceritanya samgat bagus yah mungkin udah diatad 10 tahunan

  9. باللغه العربيه اجمل كثير🌹 وبالأخص جين سانغ😁😁 ويونجي ⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩

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