General Hospital 2, 05회, EP05, #10

– A car accident patient?
– I just got a call from the paramedics. She’s unconscious
and has an abdominal injury. Call the surgical department
just in case she needs surgery. Yes, ma’am. – Hello.
– Hi. Exercise, so you can go home soon. Alright. Wait, aren’t you in room 903? – Yes.
– Have you seen Youngwon Kang? Yes, she was going somewhere. Did she say where she was going? I’m not sure,
but she told her physician in charge. Pardon? She told her physician? Yes. – What about the other vehicle’s patient?
– It was a hit and run. What about her consciousness? Her heart had already stopped
when we found her. – When did you receive the report?
– About 25 minutes ago. Intubation. Intubation. – I connected the monitor.
– Compression! – E-tube.
– E-tube. Hang on. She’s DOA (Dead On Arrival). Her pupils are dilated, and
her heart has been stopped too long. – Only if she came earlier…
– Shouldn’t we do CPR? It’s been awhile since she received
oxygen to the brain. It’s useless. We should try something at least. Announce the time of death. Yes. Youngwon Kang’s time of death is… What are you doing?
Didn’t you hear this patient was DOA? – I can’t let this patient die!
– This is the ER! Prof. Song already announced
the time of death for this patient. Give me epinephrine and atropine! What happened? Her heart stopped a long time ago,
but he’s performing CPR on her. Her heart rate…Her heart rate’s back! Get a consult from orthopedic surgery
and neurosurgery. – Get a portable X-ray and run a brain CT!
– Yes, sir. Move fast. She was your patient? Yeah, I was worried
where she disappeared to… Why did she leave without permission
when she was scheduled… …for surgery tomorrow? I’m not sure. I bet she had her reasons. She told her physician in charge. Prof. Kim… Nothing. Prof. Kim, her hemoglobin didn’t
go down in her blood work. Nothing’s wrong on her chest X-ray. The CT scan results are out.
There are no signs of hemorrhaging. – Really?
– But… The brain CT isn’t good. Neurosurgery said
she’ll most likely be brain dead. What? Dr. Baek. Dr. Baek. Is something wrong? No, it’s nothing. After taking the immunosuppressive
drug, food taste so good. I’ll be in trouble if I don’t work out.
I’m doing well, right? Yes. You know Youngwon? Yes, she’s not back yet? No… Did her physician really let her leave? Absolutely. I saw her talking to the doctor. Why? Did something happen? No. Keep exercising. I have to tell. How? Things went way out of hand. I have to tell the truth I let her go. No! We’ll both be killed! Don’t be pompous and shut your mouth! Things will only get complicated! Do you want me to be blamed
for evading my duties? – Not doing anything is helping!
– How can that be? It was my mistake for even asking you. It’s a bigger mistake
for not taking care of my patient. So I’ll take responsibility.
You don’t know anything. Let’s just tell the truth. We need to be rational at a time like this.
If we hid this, then… Yeah, good for you to be rational. I’m scared
what happened to the patient… …and I’m scared
I’ll get kicked out of this hospital! My head’s about to burst
cuz I don’t know what happened! I’m so freaking scared,
but how could you be so calm? – Jinsang, I need to talk to you.
– Later. Come here. When are you gonna come clean? About? Are you gonna keep quiet? About what? Didn’t you let the patient go? Someone saw you. What? – Who said that?
– Is that important? Someone saw her
talking to the physician! Are you gonna keep lying? The last time I saw her was this morning,
but she suddenly disappeared! Are you really gonna be
a coward about this? The patient left the hospital
and is now brain dead! Don’t you have any guilt? I’m human. Of course, I feel guilty. But I really didn’t know
the patient left the hospital! Jinsang Choi! Translated by Susan Somyung Lee
Subtitles Edited by Soo Yun Ki�

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  1. 김정은 지가 술먹고 야간에 안 들어와 차태현이 잠 못자 한숨 잘라고 류진한테 부탁해서 일이 터졌는데.왜 저리 오바하지.ㅋㅋ

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