General Hospital 2, 01회, EP01, #05

A RH+.
Where’s patient Seungmo Jang? Over here! – Where’s the general surgery patients?
– Zone 1! – Help me, Miss. Please…
– I know it hurts. Please bare with me. – Miss…
– Hold on please. – What are you doing here?
– Oh, Piggy! Didn’t you say you were a surgeon?
You’re an ER doctor now? I don’t know what’s going on,
but you need to leave! I’m a doctor.
Wanna see my medical license? – I need someone’s help.
– Yes, sir. What are you doing? Don’t you know
this is an emergency situation? Please stop it and get out of here! More than 50 patients were sent here! How would I know
whether you’re a doctor or a nutcase? Let go! If something goes wrong,
it’ll be unclear who’s at fault. Let’s argue about that later. Give that to me. – Move, I’ll do it.
– Wait! Hang on! I’ll take responsibility.
Where’s the CT scan room? Let’s go. You don’t even work here.
How can you be responsible? You’re inconsiderate enough
tryng to use an ambulance as a taxi! I’m ER staff. Get out of here! I’ll do basic first aid. I can call the Chungwon police and force
you out of here. Want me to do that? We’re in an emergency situation! Call the police. This patient needs a CT scan. We’ll handle it, so get out of here! – Endure it a bit more.
– Doctor, save me. Save me… Doctor…doctor…
Doctor, I’m in pain… Hang on, I’ll examine you in a sec. I’m in so much pain… Okay, where’s the discomfort?
Where does it hurt the most? Here… It hurts…
Please save me. Doctor Song,
this patient has abdominal bleeding. – What? Check his injuries!
– Yes, ma’am. Check his vitals, give him oxygen, and insert a central line. Yes, ma’am. Doctor Song, we have a cardiac arrest
in Zone 1. Come quick! You do it, Dr. Choi.
Insert the central line and run a CT scan. – Me?
– Have you done it before? – Yes…
– Good. We don’t have much time. In the internal jugular vein
or subclavian artery? Jeez… Hang on. Which vein is it? Hyunwoo, this patient has
abdominal bleeding. Which vein am I supposed to
insert the central line? It doesn’t matter. – It hurts…
– Hang in there. Go in. Come on, go in. It just needs to go in a bit more… Go in. Go in… Go in…Go in… Okay, it’s in. I’m done. I’m done. This is the last procedure. Okay. It’s done. It’s done. It’s done. It’s done. – What are you doing?
– Did you run a CT scan? Isn’t he hemophiliac? No… What are you doing? Look here. I can’t hear his right lung. His broken ribs must have punctured
his lung resulting in hemothorax. I need to get rid of his central line. Doesn’t he have hemothorax? You should’ve done it on left side! Please take a deep breath. One, two, three! Put pressure on it! What are you talking about? How can you get
the subclavian artery from the left side? Are you really a doctor? Hook up a monitor here for me! Don’t let anyone touch the child,
even his guardian! Run a CT scan
and confirm the place of injury. Dr. Oh, run the CT scan,
and Dr. Min, go reserve an OR. Yes, sir. Prof. Kim, a patient with lung damage,
a patient with spleen laceration… …and a patient who may have
abdominal bleeding… …due to liver damage
need to have immediate surgery. Let’s go check the patient
with liver damage. Okay, it’s done. It’s all over. Man, I knew this would happen! What should we do? What should we do? What are you gonna do? Oh my… One… Two… Three. What did you just do? It’s tension pneumothorax! Do you even know
what you’re talking about? This happened because of you. If you couldn’t do it after a couple of tries,
you should’ve asked for help. What’s going on? This patient had tension pneumothorax… …after placing a central line
in the subclavian artery! Who performed it on the subclavian vein? Well, um… I did it at first… Did you move it to the left, doctor?
Yes.– Confirm it using the portable X-Ray.
– Yes, sir. Wait. You’re not Dr. Sunmi Kim. Why are you wearing
Dr. Sunmi Kim’s medical gown? I’m Dong-In Hospital’s intern
Hayoon Jung. I applied to your surgical department. That hospital didn’t teach you
the basic rules? What if something happens? I wanted to help
because you were short-handed. There’s a reason for all medical rules! Take off your gown and get out! – Don’t just stand there. Hurry!
– Yes, sir. – You can’t go in. Please wait outside.
– I know someone inside. Man…

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