Gastroenterologist: Darshan Kothari, MD

My name is Darshan Kothari and I’m
a gastroenterologist at Duke University. I am a general gastroenterologist and
I focus on gastrointestinal disorders like heartburn and
belly pain, constipation, diarrhea. But I have a specific
interest in the pancreas. I specifically am interested in patients
who suffer from acute pancreatitis or chronic pancreatitis,
as well as pancreatic cysts. Many patients who come to
the doctor are scared, are nervous. Perhaps this is their first
time with the medical field, where this is their tenth
physician they’re seeing. What patients can expect from me is a listening ear to what
they’ve been through. My approach to medicine
is to develop a stepwise approach to managing their symptoms
in a way that they understand, and that is in keeping with their wishes and
goals. When patients come to Duke they can expect
multi-disciplinary care of physicians and providers who care about
the patient’s experience. Patients can expect accurate
information and timely followup. I think the most gratifying part of
medicine is knowing your patients, hearing their stories,
meeting their families, and understanding what makes
them feel alive and happy. Because that to me is what is the most
important thing we can do as physicians, is preserve their happiness.

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