Gastric Sleeve Patient Interview at KCM Clinic, Poland | Qunomedical

Good afternoon, my name is Philip, I am the International
Coordinator at KCM Hospital, sitting here with Pamela. Hi! – Hi! – Pamela came to us for
weight loss surgery, is that true? – That’s correct. – Tell us a bit more about what sort of
procedure, have you been looking for the procedure in the UK? – I have, I have been looking there
for 5 years, and never had the money to do it and then I had a retirement fund that I
had forgotten about so I thought it was just meant to be. So I started looking for clinics
that would do weight loss surgery and again gastric bypass, because that was the best
for my BMI and… the first clinic turned me down because I had cancer last year. But everything
else was OK for me to do it. When I found you guys and your doctor said it was OK, I
was overjoyed, absolutely thrilled. And I found you through Qunomedical and Shaz there
was wonderful and coming here I know I made the right choice, absolutely, everything has
been great. I didn’t get the bypass because the doctor thought it was not safe enought
for me. He and the cardiologist suggested that I get the sleeve instead. And he agreed,
and so I had the sleeve done. – As a matter of fact there are great success stories with
the sleeve and also after previous cancer history. I’m looking forward to it. So it
was a one-stop shop, right? The hospital has done the diagnostic tests, then checked the
documentation with you, they helped with the accommodation, right? – It’s amazing. The tests
because I had tests done in the UK before to make sure in my own mind that I was OK
to go and when I came here I did that again, x-rays, stress test, full body from head to
toe. – And you will get all these documents back to the UK later for your own records.
– I hope so! I didn’t ask that. – Yes, this is our standard procedure. – Oh, very good! So
now you’re what, 2 days after the sleeve? Two days after! I had it on Saturday, somewhere
around 10 o’clock in the morning I think. Today is Monday so.. you look fantastic! I
feel fine! I don’t feel like going to run at a marathon but I wasn’t feeling before
now anyway. – Take you time, take your time! We’ll speak about that later. – I’ll be happy
to be able to walk and use the stairs! So to sum up, it means you arrived here on Friday…
I actually came in on Thursday and you guys accommodated another lady and you did our
main tests on Thursday and then Saturday surgery. – Monday which
is today, afternoon, hospital discharge. – That’s correct. – And when are you going back to
the UK? – I’m going back on Thursday but you guys are bringing me back in every day to
be checked up. – Yes, for consultations, dieticians… yeah. Wonderful! Is there anything else you
would like to say to the audience or to others who are interested in this procedure and that
are maybe a little bit scared? It is a scary thing to do, it is a very scary thing to do.
But I know in my mind it was the right choice and knowing how good I feel just 2 days
after, I know I made the right choice and the clinic too. From the beginning ot the
end you guys have been just brilliant, I could not recommend you more and I’m going to write
a review to that effect. – Thank you, Pamela for this beautiful testimonial here at KCM.
– Happy to do it. – Thanks!

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