Gary An, MD, Surgeon, The University of Vermont Medical Center

Hello, my name is Gary An and I’m an acute care surgeon. My contribution to this particular
relationship is my expertise, my experience and that I need to be able to
contextualize that particular experience and that particular expertise based on
what the patient is telling me. So it’s a very collaborative sort of idea where
each one of us has our particular strengths that [we] can bring to that
relationship. I think when the most rewarding aspects
of my particulars job is to be able to take someone who is either in a lot of
pain or has suffered a very recent trauma that’s disrupted their lives and
both provide them comfort and the solution to what’s causing them to come
in. That requires a very compressed establishment of the doctor-patient
relationship to be able to establish their trust in me and for me to figure
out what’s going on with them. In line with my original interest in going into surgery, very often that leads to a very proactive and gratifying set of things
that we can do to make people better.

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