Garden City Medical Centre and My Health Record

Hello, I’m John Aloizos. I’m one of the
senior GPs at Garden City Medical Centre. I first joined the practice in January 1977,
but I work with a team of GPs, Practice Nurses and Manager and Administrative staff to be
sure that we provide best quality care for our patients. So at Garden City Medical Centre, we’ve developed
clinical pathways for managing our patients with chronic disease particularly chronic
and complex illness because it helps the patient by working closely with the doctors and the
nurses and our front desk staff in coordinating a series of important visitations around tests
that need to be done, assessments of their targets for improving health care and just
to get the patients involved in self-management and follow up care. We do that in a number
of ways but in particular using the technologies we have on our computer system to keep their
records up to date, to linking it with the My Health Record because the patients go to
hospital or to see a specialist – as of now and in the future their record will be available
when they see other health care service providers. But we’re particularly keen on making sure
that we provide that comprehensive care for our patients and service that in a way where
we all contribute – the front desk staff when they see the patient, the nurses who
follow up and coordinate the care plans and the doctors who review and see the patient
on an ongoing basis.

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