Gallbladder Cleanse: 5 Steps to a Healthy Gallbladder

Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. We are live here right now and hey, I’m going
to be covering today how to naturally cleanse your gallbladder. And I will tell you for so many people we
have gunk built up in our bile ducts, in our liver and our gallbladder, and it’s really
keeping us from feeling and living our absolute best. If you’re a person right now and especially
you feel sluggish and you have a problem digesting fats, this is a big warning sign that you’ve
got gallbladder or liver issues going on. So, we’ll talk about how to cleanse those
on our episode today. Also, I know I’ve got a lot of you watching
right now who are joining me live from all over the country. So, I want to say hey, thanks so much for
watching and joining me here today as well. And hey, do me a favor. There are millions of people right now who
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transform lives all over the world. All right guys, I’m going to dive right in. Let’s talk about how to heal and cleanse your
gallbladder, and this actually really surprised me. When I first got in the practice, there are
a large number of people, patients I had coming in, especially women, who were telling me
that they were going to go and get gallbladder surgery or having their gallbladder removed. And after following the steps that I had them
follow, I’m going to share with you in this video, many of them were able to work with
their physician and not go and actually get a gallbladder surgery done. So, the good news is, there’s all natural
ways that you can follow in helping heal and support the health of your gallbladder and
cleansing stones from your gallbladder and helping it function its absolute best. Here’s some things you need to remove from
your diet. Number one is processed sugar. Sugar is highly inflammatory to your body. Now, I know typically when we think of gallbladder,
we think of fat which I’ll talk about in just a minute. But, specifically with the gallbladder, consuming
too much excess sugar and white flour products, things along those lines, that’s going to
cause inflammation of the liver and gallbladder. So, you want to remove processed sugar. Number two, you want to remove excess fat
from your diet. Now again, just to give you a few examples
of this, the worst of the worst are hydrogenated oils. So again, if you’re consuming hydrogenated
oils, canola oil, cotton seed oil, soybean oil, corn oil, any of those oils on a regular
basis, you want to get rid of those and especially being careful of eating out fast foods. French fries are fried in oil. You even need to be careful, look at certain
types of chips and crackers, things with sunflower and safflower oil, in fact, will probably
cause a lot of inflammation of the gallbladder if you’re getting too much of it. You need to be careful of over-consuming fats
if you have gallbladder issues for a time, okay? So, typically you want to go a little bit
lower fat for a time and then you can add in healthier fats over time, but you got to
be careful there, especially if you’re having a gallbladder attack or gallbladder inflammation
on a regular basis. So, really be careful of the fats you’re eating. If you are going to consume fats, the best
fats are going to be coconut oil, followed by a small amount of something like a flax
seed oil on a regular basis. But, those oils are going to be easier for
your body to deal with typically than other oils. The next thing here are processed foods. I want to mention this, fats, this even includes
things like processed peanut butter. You know, a lot of peanut butter has hydrogenated
oil added as well. So again, you’ve got to flip over, read the
ingredients and make sure you’re not consuming too much excess fats there especially the
hydrogenated processed fats and processed foods. Of course, french fries, burgers, anytime
you’re eating out, it’s typically a processed food and a lot of packaged food. When you’re eating, eat real food, lots of
fruits, lots of veggies, lots of organic lean meats. That’s ideal if you’re going to cleanse your
gallbladder. So, make sure you get all of these things
out of your diet. Now, I want to talk about doing a gallbladder
cleanse. If you really want to start doing a three-day
gallbladder cleanse, I have a one-night protocol that I’m going to talk about it in a minute,
but here’re the biggest things you want to be getting in your diet. You want to get bone broth, vegetables, get
some green apples and then also I would mention here herbal teas which I’m going to talk about
some herbs in just a minute. But, bone broth we know contains the amino
acid glycine, which supports the liver detoxification. The other great thing about this is, this
can actually help you burn fat and lose weight, when you’re doing this liver gallbladder cleanse
as well. But again, bone broth, the ultimate super
food. You can make your own, you can also buy bone
broth powder. Do that as a protein in smoothies as well
as very beneficial. So, get bone broth everyday, lots and lots
of vegetables. Now when I’m saying vegetables, that doesn’t
mean potatoes, okay. Vegetables are green leafies and cruciferous
vegetables carrots, and beets, those things, but cooked or juiced vegetables throughout
the day and raw veggies are great as well. And then green apples. Green apples are sour in nature, they’re high
in pectin. They are very cleansing to the liver and the
gallbladder as well. Great part of a gallbladder cleanse. For three days, drink bone broth throughout
the day, do a lot of veggies like salads, do some green apples as well, those are the
best foods you could be eating. Now, I want to talk about some of the best
herbs for cleansing the liver and gallbladder. And here we have milk thistle. Now, milk thistle, is in the realm of bitter
herbs, it’s very high in a compound called silymarin, and this compound has been shown
to be one of the most powerful herbs on the planet at detoxifying the liver and the gallbladder. So, when you’re doing a gallbladder cleanse,
consuming milk thistle, typically 150 milligrams once to twice daily, is going to be greatly
beneficial. And then bupleuram. Bupleuram is an herb in Chinese medicine that
is greatly beneficial at cleansing the liver and gallbladder. In fact, it’s found in almost every Chinese
medicine formula. When we’re talking about liver health and
gallbladder health, you’re going to find bupleuram in there as well. And another one of my favorites are citrus
essential oils. When we read in ancient medicine them talking
about bitter orange or bitter orange peel or lemon oil. Lemon oil comes from the peel of the lemon
not the flesh. Lemon peel is very high in a compound called
d-limonene, which is bitter in nature, which also helps in cleansing the gallbladder as
well as the kidneys, as well as the liver. Lots of benefits there so, with lemon oil
you’re going to do just two to three drops in your water three times a day, very very
cleansing for the liver and gall bladder as well. And I would also say just a few other things
to consider, let me back up. A few other herbs that can be beneficial as
well if you’re drinking, you could do many of these as teas, you can do a milk thistle
tea, a dandelion tea is very beneficial. There’s another herb called gentian root which
is really beneficial, but these bitter herbs cause your liver to release bile and really
support your gallbladder to release bile, helping you better digest fats. And I really believe that that is a missing
key. You might go and search the internet, you
might go and read other articles or had someone else give you some advice on how to cleanse
your gall bladder, but one of the biggest missing things is bitter foods. In our diet today, it’s all about sweet and
salty, we’re missing sour, we’re missing bitter. Bitter is key. When your body, when you taste something bitter
such as arugula, spinach, orange peel, some of these herbs that we’re talking about, it
causes your gallbladder to cleanse and release these toxins. It is so therapeutic So, again, get more bitter
foods, bitter herbs in your diet, drink these bitter teas that I’m talking about like milk
thistle and dandelion and bupleuram. It’s going to make a big difference and you’re
healing your gallbladder for good. Now, here is a liver cleanse step by step. Now, what you’re going to do, and I want to
say that this part is optional, but if you want to do a very advanced form of this cleanse
like a one-night overhaul of your gallbladder, this is something you can do. But remember this, number one, is get rid
of those foods from your diet. Number two, start doing that three-day cleanse
I talked about. But if you want to do a one-night gallbladder
cleanse, your body will release some stones over night. And here’s what you’re going to do. Again, this is optional, but you’re going
to drink right before bed a fourth of a cup of olive oil, a fourth of a cup of flax oil,
one cup of grapefruit juice and four tablespoons of Epsom salts. Now a lot of times people will divide these
into two doses. They’ll do some right after dinner, which
is a light dinner, typically bone broth and veggies around six o’clock. And then if you go to bed about 10:30, you’re
going to do this twice, you’re going to sleep on your right side at night and when you wake
up in the morning you’ll actually feel some gurgling going on around your lower rib cage
there on the right side. And then in the morning, your body will release
stones. So, this is something for the next day, throughout
the day you’re going to want to stay at home, your body will release some gallstones. This is an advanced treatment. Actually, I’ve seen it formulated by Dr. Hulda
Clark. He’s one of the people who have recommended
this in the past. Again, this is optional doing a lever gallbladder
cleanse, but this is something that will cause your body to release a lot of toxins and stones
all at one time. The olive, the flax, the grapefruit, four
tablespoons of Epsom salts, doing these things in combination here can help. And then mentality. One of the things that can cause your body
to store that bile and store those stones is if you are constantly frustrated. Let me ask you this, are a person that struggles
with being impatient? Maybe you’re constantly in traffic jams or
you’re trying to rush your kids around or you’ve got work issues. If you have frustration, any type of anger,
impatience, those emotions build up in the gallbladder, so does unforgiveness. So, really working on those things, doing
things that allow your body to release tension, walking, getting outside in nature is a big
tension reliever, doing a yoga class, going out for a jog outside, really activity and
motion. Actually planning ahead is a big thing that
helps relieve frustration. If you’re sort of planning out your future
and goal setting, all of those things can help, and releasing frustration. And certain sports such as tennis, hitting
a baseball, racket ball actually, anytime you’re hitting or releasing anything, boxing. Even if you’re doing it with the air, do it. Kick boxing class at your local gym, that
type of class, those things help you release those emotions of frustration and anger, and
help you build peace in your life as well. So, let’s review these big steps in cleansing
your gallbladder. Number one, remove processed sugars, fats
and get rid of all processed and refined foods. I’m talking about processed breads, white
flour, wheat flour, conventional milk products, fast foods, processed sugar, soda, let’s get
all that out of your diet. Replace it with raw local honey, more fruits
and veggies, healthy fats from coconut oil in small amounts. Get rid of the processed foods. Number two here, drink bone broth for a three-day
cleanse. Just do bone broth, vegetables, green apples
and some herbal teas. Number three, take three times a day milk
thistle bupleuram, lemon oil, and other herbs like dandelion and turmeric can also be greatly
beneficial. And then last here, number four, you can actually
do this cleanse of olive oil, flax oil, grapefruit juice and four tablespoons of Epsom salt,
drink all of these together before you go to bed, sleep on your right side. And last but not least, release frustration
and build peace through activity and meditation and prayer. These things are all going to help you cleanse
your gallbladder and heal your liver. So guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this live training
on how to naturally cleanse your gallbladder in five simple steps. Guys, it’s been me, Dr. Josh Axe, talking
about how to heal and cleanse your gallbladder.

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