Gabo tells Sputnik to bring Billy to a hospital | Make It With You (With Eng Subs)

My goodness, Gabo!
What’s happening to you? I can’t believe you did that! Auntie, can I borrow your phone? Auntie, can I borrow your phone? I know you’re mad, but it’s not
what you think it is. Talk to me when you’re ready. Jenna, can I see you please? You’ll just send her
a text message? I didn’t do anything
wrong, Auntie. We’ll talk when she’s ready. But for now,
my concern is Billy. If I find out that he did
something to you…! Dad, please calm down. Calm down?! We searched for you
the whole night! We checked the CCTV footage.
You left with him! What did he do to you?! Dad, believe me!
He didn’t do anything! This is my body! I would know
if something happened! Let’s not jump to conclusions. Then why didn’t he call
your colleagues or drive you home instead?! He said I dropped
his phone on the toilet. And you believed him? You can’t even
remember anything! – Stop defending that man!
– [PHONE RINGING] – But, Dad…
– No more buts! Hello? Mr. Villarica? – Let me talk to him!
– No, Sputnik! – Hey, you!
– Dad! Mr. Villarica, I suggest
you don’t say anything – that will incriminate you.
– Gabo, let’s talk! I trusted you! Talk to me! Have her checked in a hospital. I have a feeling she was
drugged last night. – What?!
– Please calm down, Dad. Mr. Villarica, why were you
in that club last night? I have my reasons, Attorney, but it’s not what
you’re thinking. Bye. – Wait!
– Mister Tony… – What did he say?!
– Please calm down. No! Tell me! Dad, please! Reasons? You took her home
and changed her clothes. What else did you do? Auntie, I followed her
to the bar to tell her the truth. I was supposed to tell her
what really happened in Croatia, why I left her, and why she has to
stay out of my life. Oh, my goodness! Are you serious?! But I’m not giving up. You know what?
I was this close, Yuta! I was so close
to telling her the truth! This must be so tough on you. But the next time
I get to see her, I won’t let anyone stop me. I think I know
how I can talk to her. How? What are you planning? I just need your help, Yuta. [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]

9 thoughts on “Gabo tells Sputnik to bring Billy to a hospital | Make It With You (With Eng Subs)

  1. Cge na Yuta, Please help Gabo. Ikaw na magsabi ng katotohanan kay Billy. Lahat kasi mayroon kanyang kanya theory at paniwala. Maganda layunin ni Gabo, siya pa napasama.

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