Fusicology Interviews Per Wickstrom of Best Drug Rehabilitation

Hi fusicology My name is Per I’m with Best
Drug Rehabilitation. Ok great. And you are? I’m Kathleen Hi Kathleen So tell me a little bit about yourself and
Best Drug Rehab Well what happened was when I was an young
man, I actually had my own, you know, struggles with addcition and I decided uh to change
what was going on in my life. So I made that change and i looked at the area we live in,
i looked at my friends and my relatives and I found out, you know, thirty to forty percent
of the people I knew were on some kind of a substance to get by in life and that’s not
really a good holistic view point to live by because life is fun, if you eat right you
can still play hard. You don’t have to use Well what we wanted to do Kathleen, is we
wanted to take more of a holistic approach. there is an alternative. You know like a lot
of people are eating organic now, you know they don’t smoke cigerates, there’s a big
one. People actually cigarettes have cut down in the last twenty years, when they were in
the up swing. So we decided to open up a facility that had more of a holistic view to treatment.
So let’s not treat the symptom of addiction with a drug. Lets treat the symptom of addiction
by finding out what going on with underline issues and acutally getting the person off
of all drugs and using vitamin minerial amino acids therapies and you know acupunctures
and things like that. And then of course great counseling, you know so you can get honest
and straight. So tell me about your location Well we actually have five locations Okay Yeah we actually are in, we’re located in,
our main center is in Manistee,, Michigan. We also have one everybody’s heard of Grand
Rapids, we have one in Grand Rapids, that is just opening right now. We have one in
Battle Creek, that ones on a private lake. Wow It’s a really nice facility. And uh we opened
up a holistic detox to where we use the medical western doctors with more of the eastern philosophy’s
to get people off of all the medications that they take. So if somebody is you know on a
sleep aid and they can’t get off of it, they can come see us and we can get them off it,
detox them off. Say they are addicted per se they don’t have an addiction but they’re
still addicted to the pain killer or the sleep medicine and you know we use things like Dr
Prices sleep aids to help with sleep. And uh we have you know massage therapy, we use
this is prologel. It actually takes, we talked about little bit about pain. It takes away
pain to help the person so they don’t have uh necessity to want to do the drugs again.
So we use the holistic, get them off the drugs and then we just bought a facility. Everybodies
heard of Notre Dame University, we just bought a facility in South Bend, Indiana, so we’re
all Notre Dame fans now. That’s great that’s great so how what is the
success rate Well the success rates are kind of hard to
follow because the fact is if you’re going to get a real real one
hundred percent success rate, you would have to actually go to the individuals house and
you have to do a hair test on the individual to get actually the truth. We do a year follow
up it’s called a year of aftercare, It’s included in the program. We follow up with the parents,
the spouses, the sons, the daughters, the brothers, the sisters, and of course the individual
that wants to come in to treatment. And we run about anywhere from a sixty four to a
seventy two percent success uh with the program but again that’s only one year and you know
you’re kind of on the phone and you know I mean if something goes on and your brother
knew you were doing something wrong, he would tell us. But it’s still I’m not at your house,
I’m not drug testing there, so why the success rates are really hard to say we have a hundred
percent or a ninety percent or an eighty percent. It’s really hard to justify you know if you’re
above fifty, you’re great in this industry. And what about your fincial options for treatment Well you know the biggest problem people have
now a day of course is the economy and jobs and all that other good stuff is actually
the expenditure to help their loved one. We offer financing of course based on credit,
like buying a car, but we also take all insurance policies Oh great Yeah so if you have you know blue cross blue
shield to aetna, you know you can pay next to nothing to get into find some help for
your loved one. It’s great. It works out pretty good. So thank you for speaking to me today, and I look forward to following your company and seeing everyones success stories online
and hopefully it will be helping our audience just ask for it beacuse that’s the quickest
way to get it handled okay thank you so much thank you

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