Fun Pretend Clinic with Assistant and Paw Patrol

– [Assistant] Family fun for everyone. – Hey, what a pretty day! I’m gonna stop and smell these flowers. Ow, I got a thorn on my nose! I gotta go see the assistant. She’s a doctor. – Ah, this is my day, no
patients on a one whole day and it’s almost the end of time. And this hospital’s really busy. – Ow, my nose! Assistant, can you help me? – Sure, sit down. What seems to be the problem? – I got a thorn in my nose. – [Assistant] Let me check your ears. – My ears? Why? My ears aren’t the ones that are hurt. Oh yeah, you have to do a checkup. Hey, how about my eyes? – Let’s check your eyes, scooch back. Open your eyes. – (laughing) Yeah, if you put it right on. [Assistant] – Open your eyes. – (Laughing) Yeah. Okay, next? – Open up. Your mouth, open up your mouth. – Aaaaa. What? Why are you checking my mouth? – That boy definitely
have ears and the tongue. Let me check your reflexes. – Whew, I’m so glad I have them still. Wait, wait, why are you checking my leg? My legs aren’t even close to my nose. Okay, I’ll let you just do it. (reflex hammer squeaks)
Ah! (reflex hammer squeaks)
Ah! (reflex hammer squeaks) – Your reflexes are kinda funny. Let me, I need to give you a shot. – A shot?! It was just a thorn in my nose! Oh boy. – All right. – Hey, that only hurt for one second. Wait. Wait, what? Why are you giving me that many shots? – Six, I don’t know. – You gave me six shots? – The other two were fake. Bad boy, I have to show you. You need a cast. – What? That was just a thorn in my nose. It’s not like I need a cast! – Oh, I forgot to check the X-rays. (knocking on the wall) The X-rays help me know
if you’re all right. – Wait, why do you have to give me a X-ray if it’s just my nose that hurts? – I wanna see if you
need a cast on your nose. – Wait, what? – You definitely need a cast
on your nose, in your legs, and your feet, and your
tummy, and everything. – Wait, but this is too big of a cast. – You can never be too safe, enough. – Wait, wait. I, I don’t need a cast if
it’s just my thorn in my nose. Ah! – I’ll do your nose next. – Oh boy. – In a million years. – Wait, why did you not
put a cast on my nose when that’s the thing that hurts? – Oh, maybe you should
have went to a real doctor. I was just the assistant
– Can you just. – I was just the assistant for the day and my name is the assistant. – Can you like take this cast off of me? – Uh, sure. – Ah, ah. We gotta rip all this out. Hey, you want me to do it to you? – Sure. – Okay assistant, I’m
ready to put you in a cast. – On second thought, there’s
not enough toilet paper. – Aw, man. People at home, what do you guys think? Should I wrap the assistant up or no? Don’t forget to– – Tell us on our comments
and give us a thumbs up. – Rubble on the double. I’ve got a new patient,
it’s the assistant. Alright assistant, jump up on that table. Rubble’s can check you
out and see what’s wrong. (cheerful music) Oh assistant, why are you
at the doctor’s today? – Um, my through really really hurts. – Your throat hurts?! Well, Rubble on the double,
I get good bath, alright? Oh, you know what you need out there? I can fix it. Let me fix your throat, okay? Where’s your throat at? Right… Right… – No, it’s right here. Rubble, Rubble, Rubble! – What? What? – It’s right here. – What’s right there? – In my neck, well my throat. – Oh, that’s, I’ve got
some new type of medicine. I’m gonna fix your throat, okay? Rubble on the double. – It’s not right there, it’s right here! – Oh, so this isn’t gonna work? – No. – Oh, Rubble on the double,
let me find something else. Alright. I knew that wasn’t gonna
work because I just knew. I was tricking you. So this is a new medicine, right here. New medicine, right here. – Popcorn? – Yeah, so you eat the popcorn and you’ll be better in the morning. Rubble on the double, right? – Now, I feel even sicker. – You feel more sick? – Yes. – Why do you feel sick? We need to get you better. I’ve got an idea. You need to get out and do
a lot of running, right? – I’ll try. – Okay, now lay down,
see if you feel better. (Assistant crying) Are you better? – No. – That didn’t work? – No. – Alright assistant. I’ve got a new one. I’m gonna take your foot,
just stay right here, ready? (grunting) There, how’s that? – Uh, I don’t feel better. – Hm. Let me try one more thing, okay? – What? Okay. – Alright Assistant,
I’m Doctor saying now.* She’ll make your throat all better. Rubble on the double, ready? Right here, right, does
that make you feel better? It always works on my friends,
the kitty cats, alright? – I’m not a kitty cat, I’m a person. – Doesn’t that make you feel better? – No! – Here, you’re feeling better assistant. Are you feeling Rubble
on the double better? – I’m not feeling better,
find something else. – All right, all right, all right. – Because my throat is getting worse. I can barely talk. – What about if I give
you the paper candy? – I’ll try it. Is it cough drop? – No, it’s not a cough drop. – Then, forget it. – Well, even candy’s not gonna work? – No. – Well, I don’t know,
Assistant, what are we gonna do? – Rubble, you’re not a good doctor. – What do you mean? Rubble on the double, I was a,
why did you call me a doctor? Well, that’s something a doctor’s for? – Yeah. – Rubble, the assistant
needs a real doctor. – Well, I can pretend to be a doctor, isn’t that good enough? – No, it’s not. We need the real deal. – Hi, assistant, how are you today? – Good. – What’s wrong with you? – My throat really really really hurts. – Oh it hurts so bad. Let’s see what I have in here. – I looked down here, so I think that’s where
her throat’s at, right? – No, Rubble. Her throat is right here. (Assistant giggles) – Oh, right here. – No, Rubble, her throat is right here. (Assistant giggles) – Oh, well maybe that was
what I was doing wrong. – I think so. Rubble, can you show me where her ear is? Because I have to check her ears first. – Yeah, right here. This is her ear. – No, Rubble, that’s not her ear. Her ear’s right here. – Oh, see mine are like way up here. – That’s true. Assistant, let me check your ears. Ooh, nice. – Does she have ’em? Does she have ear? – She does.
– Ooh! – Now looking in here it’s nice and clear. – I was afraid she didn’t have ears. – She has them. Alright Rubble, now I need
to check her reflexes. Where’s her knee? – Uh, her knee. Right here. Listen, that’s her knee. – No rubble. – That’s my forehead. – Oh, that’s her head? – Where’s her knee, Rubble? Hm. – Here’s my knee. – Good, good, that’s close. Alright, this is her knee right here. (Assistant giggles) Alright, let’s check her reflexes. When I hit on your knee,
you gotta kick real high. Let’s see. Whoa, good job. Let’s check the other one. Whoa, good job. – Wow assistant, my knee moved too. I wonder why. – Alright, we must check your throat. – Does she have reflexes? – She has great reflexes. – Okay. – Let’s check your throat, say ah. – Ahh. – Oh wow. Hm, I have a diagnosis. – What’s it gonna be, doctor? What’s it gonna be?! – She has strep throat. – Oh, no, not, strep throat, what’s that? – Strep throat’s a very sore throat. And it’s very contagious. – Oh, I gotta get away. Oh no, no, no, no. I don’t want that. – No way. Assistant, you know what? – What? – The doctor’s gonna
have to give you a shot. – No, that’s gonna hurt! – No, it’ll only hurt for one second. – She’s gonna get a shot? – Yes, she’s gotta get shots. Alright assistant, are you ready? – Yes. – [Doctor] Alright, you’re so brave. That’s it. – That didn’t hurt much. – You got a shot and it didn’t even hurt? Really?!
– Now you’ve gotta get a shot. – Alright Rubble, you ready? – Sure. – Just kidding, Rubble,
you don’t need a shot. – Well the assistant got a shot and it didn’t really hurt, did it? – No, do you want one? – If I get sick I’m gonna
have to get a shot, right? – Right. – Rubble on the double. – You did a great job
assistant, you were very brave. – Assistant, are you feeling better? – Yes! – Great. – Assistant, who was the
better doctor, me or her? She’s the better doctor? – Yes. – Oh boy. – You’re not even a doctor. – No, but I’m a dog, right? – Dogs are from Paw Patrol. – Oh yeah. – Turtle, turtle, you need to
join me in the bounce house. It’s so much fun. – [Turtle] I’ve got a great idea. I’m gonna catapult into it. – [Mickey] Turtle, I don’t
think that’s a good idea! – [Turtle] Oh yes it is. Kawabunga! – [Mickey] Turtle, no! Turtle, no! (Turtle screams) Turtle, Turtle, are you okay? Turtle!
– Ow, ow, ow. – [Mickey] Is it your arm? – [Turtle] My arm, ow. Ooh, ow, ow, doc, my arm. My arm, ooh, ow, ow, ow. – [Assistant] What happened? – [Turtle] Doc, doc, I was just playing and I was trying to catapult and I went one way and
then fell the other minute. Ow, ow, ow, my arm. – [Mickey] Oh, can you help? – [Assistant] Uh, yeah. – [Turtle] Are you sure, doc? Are you sure? – [Assistant] Which leg? – [Turtle] My leg?! No, it’s my arm, my arm! – [Assistant] Wait, which one– – [Turtle] This arm, this
arm, no, no, no, that’s fine. Ow ow ow, no no no, that hurts. – [Assistant] That hurt? – [Turtle] Yeah. Ow ow ow, doc, fix it, fix it. – [Assistant] Does this hurt? – [Turtle] No. – [Assistant] Does this hurt? – [Turtle] No. – [Assistant] Does this hurt? – [Turtle] Ahh, yes, this is hurting. Ooh ooh, kiss it, kiss it. – [Mickey] Muah. – [Turtle] Ah, it does nothing. I need you to fix it. – [Assistant] Okay, let me
look in your ears (laughs). – [Turtle] My ears? Okay, good luck finding them. (Assistant laughs) – [Turtle] Ooh, did you see it? Are you sure this is helping? ‘Cause my arm still
hurts, really really bad. – [Assistant] Okay. – [Turtle] Oh man, oh man, oh man. – [Assistant] I might have to get a cast. (Turtle gasps) Let me take your temperature. – [Turtle] Okay, is that gonna taste bad? – [Assistant] Just gonna taste normal. – [Turtle] Ugh, ugh, okay okay, let’s go. – [Mickey] Good job, Turtle. – [Turtle] Mm hmm. – [Assistant] Do you
think that’s good enough? – [Turtle] No, my arm still hurts. – [Assistant] Let me look and see if you have any broken bones. – [Turtle] Okay. – [Mickey] Good idea. – [Turtle] Ooh, ouchies, my arm. – [Mickey] What do you think? – Broken arm. (Mickey gasps) – [Turtle] Ahh, my arm. – [Assistant] I have to put a cast. – [Mickey] Good idea. It’ll be okay, Turtle. – [Turtle] Okay, doc. – Turtle, I put a cast
on, but please be careful. – [Mickey] Yes Turtle. – [Turtle] Okay, okay, I’ll be careful. – [Mickey] Come on. – [Turtle] Let’s go have some more fun. – [Mickey] Thanks doctor. – Don’t be too rough. – [Turtle] I’m gonna
do that again, Mickey. I just wasn’t running fast enough. – [Mickey] Turtle, that was
a bad idea, not again, no! No! For the love of cheese. Turtle, Turtle!
– Kawabunga! Ahhh, my head.
– Turtle, you hit your head. Turtle, are you okay?
– Ahh, my head. – [Mickey] Turtle! – [Turtle] Ouch, my
noggin’, my turtle noggin’. – [Mickey] Turtle, back to the assistant. You gotta get fixed up, okay? – [Turtle] Ow, okay, ouch. Whoa, my head, my head. – [Assistant] Sit down. – [Turtle] Whoa, whoa, ow, ow, my head. – [Assistant] Let me do your ears. – [Turtle] My ears? – [Assistant] Wait. – [Turtle] But my head,
ow, my head hurts, doc. – [Assistant] Okay, let
me check your heart. – [Mickey] Her heart? – [Assistant] Wait, do
you want me to do a shot? – [Turtle] You’re the doctor, not me. – [Assistant] Okay,
I’ll have to do a shot. – [Mickey] I’ll hold your hand, Turtle. – [Assistant] On your head. – [Turtle] On my head, are you sure? (Assistant laughs) Are you sure? – [Assistant] (laughing) Yes! – [Turtle] Are you sure? – [Assistant] (laughing) Yes! – [Turtle] Okay. – [Mickey] I got you, Turtle. – [Turtle] Okay, okay okay (laughing). Doc wait, let’s talk about this. Is there anything else we
can do before getting a shot? How about a cast? – [Mickey] Ooh. – Shot and a cast, is that a deal? – [Turtle] I mean, you’re the doc. Yes, let’s get a sh, let’s get a c, aah! Hold that arm, ooh. – I have to do it on both sides. – [Turtle] Both sides? Are you crazy? (laughing) – Now, I have to put a cast on. – [Turtle] Okay, good. I feel a little better, but
I need, I need you to fix it. – I fixed your head. And you know those shots? – [Puppets] Yeah. – They were fake. (Puppets exclaiming) – [Turtle] Okay. – I better not see you again. – [Turtle] Okay, okay. – Big hairball, don’t play rough. – [Turtle] Okay. – [Mickey] Thank you doc. – [Turtle] Okay, okay, I got it this time. I just didn’t jump high enough. – [Mickey] No, Turtle, you need to stop. You need to stop Turtle. – [Turtle] No, I got this. Yah!
– Turtle, no! – [Turtle] Ow, ow, ow. – [Mickey] Turtle, Turtle are you okay? – [Turtle] Ow, yup, that’s my leg. Not my leg!
– Not your leg! Turtle, Turtle.
– Ow, ow. – [Mickey] Turtle, Turtle,
here, get in the wheelchair. I’ll take you do the assistant. – [Turtle] Ow, ow, ow, my leg, my leg. – [Mickey] Turtle, you
gotta get in the wheelchair. – [Turtle] Ooh, ooh, ooh. Okay, ooh, we gotta go. – [Mickey] We’ll roll you
to the assistant right away. – [Turtle] No, ow, ow, ow, ow. – [Mickey] Oh, no, oh
no, I dropped the Turtle, I dropped the Turtle. – [Turtle] Mickey, what are you doing? – [Mickey] Sorry. Back in. (Turtle grunting) Oh no, your headband just came off. – [Turtle] Ow, ow ow ow, ooh, ooh. – [Mickey] Be careful! – [Turtle] Ow ow ow, my
leg, my leg, ooh ooh ooh. – Not you again, Turtle. – [Turtle] Ah doc, I need help. I need help. You gotta get me out of here. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh doc, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, my legs. This leg, this leg hurts real bad. – Which leg? – [Turtle] This leg, my right leg, yeah. (Turtle whimpering) Assistant, assistant, it
hurts, it hurts so bad. – [Assistant] Okay. You have to have a cast, just a cast. – [Turtle] A cast. I have to take your temperature though. – [Turtle] Okay, again. Ugh. Okay, okay. Yup, uh huh, okay. (Assistant giggling) – [Turtle] How’s it looking doc? – [Mickey] What’s it look like, Doc? – Oh, I have to do a cast. – [Mickey] Yeah, good idea. – I mean, I mean X-ray. – [Turtle] An X-ray? You’re one crazy doctor. Okay, Okay. Can you get an X-ray of it? – [Mickey] Hold still. – [Turtle] Doc, how’s it looking? Oh, oh, oh, okay. Ow, okay, okay. – Hold still. – [Turtle] Okay, okay, okay. It hurts. – Broken leg. – [Turtle] Broken leg?! – You have a broken leg, broken arms. Now a broken leg. – [Mickey] Turtle, this
is why you don’t do that. – What’d he do? What’d he do? – [Mickey] He was too
rough on the bouncy house. – Okay Turtle, you’re all fixed. – [Mickey] Yay! – [Turtle] Okay, thanks doc. I guess no more bouncy houses for me. – Well, you can. But have you ever had a
broken bone, people at home? Type it in the comments. – Thank you for helping
me today, assistant. – You’re welcome. I’ve always wanted to
be an assistant doctor. – You’re great. – Oh, doctor, doctor, oh
oh oh, I’m hurt, I’m hurt. – Oh no, what happened Mickey? – I, I, I found this
cheese, and I was like “Ooh, cheese please.” And I went to smell it
and I went to grab it, and then I got these things and now they’re all over me. Ow. – Oh Mickey, just because you see cheese, doesn’t mean it’s free cheese. – Bu, bu, but it was just so tempting. – Alright, let’s get these off your hands. Oh, that’s one. – Oh oh oh the pain, the pain. Okay, my finger feels better, but my nose. Doctor, my nose, my nose. – Alright calm down. Calm down, calm down. – Okay, I’m calm, I’m calm. – Very still. – Oh, oh, but it’s my nose. – Okay, okay, okay. Be very still. Mickey, be very still. I’m never gonna be able to get it. Calm down, calm down. Okay, okay. – D, d, doctor, my nose, that hurts. – Okay, I got it that
it’s your nose Mickey, just calm down. – But I just went to smell the cheese. – I know, I know, I know. Calm down, I know. – I never had this happen before. – Okay, okay Mickey. – But then it smelled so good. – Alright good, ready? – Ready, but why? – Oh, no no no, okay, say bye bye to it. (Mickey screams) – Oh, that felt better. – Good, good, alright, good Mickey. – But you know what? – What, Mickey? – It still kinda hurts. – It does? – Yeah, cause it was like on my nose, and my hand, I mean, I mean, my nose. – Right. – And the foot on my toes – Not your toes. – No, they’re okay. – But your nose. – My nose, yeah. – And your hands. – Pretty much. – I think I got it. Do you have it, assistant? – Uh, yeah, sure. – Alright, so what should we do? – Reflex. – Reflexes? – Check my reflexes. – Okay, now we’re gonna get a shot. – Okay wait. – She’s gonna give me a shot. – Wait, wait, it’s okay Mickey,
it’s okay Mickey, calm down. What is this shot for, assistant? – His nose. – Okay. Sounds great. – You’re gonna give me a shot in my nose? Sure, just trust us, Mickey. Oh good. – Oh hey. – Maybe your hand. – My hand too? – Yes. Oh. Alright, how does that feel? – I feel better. – Good. – Feel much better. – Good, Mickey. Alright, well, now what you
need to do is take it easy when you go– – So if I see cheese sitting on the ground should I just pick it up
and and try to smell it? – No, no, no, don’t get cheese just because it’s there, Mickey. – Okay, if you say so. Bye assistant. – [Both] Bye. – I wonder who’s gonna be next. – Hm, I don’t know. – Oh, doctor, doctor, oh. – Oh, what’s wrong? – I’ve got a tummy ache. Oh, oh. – Oh, wait, wait a minute. What have you been doing
Ricky, the raccoon? – With that trashcan? – A trashcan? No, no, no, that’s my stuff. I love trash, it’s so yummy, and I just take it everywhere with me. Look at all this good stuff, mm. – Wait a minute, that’s
the problem, Ricky. You can’t eat garbage, take a seat. – No, I need this. – No, no, no you don’t need it, trust me. – That’s my lunch, it’s my lunch. – We’ll get you another
lunch, Ricky, take a seat. – Okay, don’t throw away my
trash, I’ll be back, okay. – Lay back, lay back. – I need to take some blood out. – Some blood? Uh, uh, are you sure about that? – We’re sure, Ricky, just calm down. – Okay. – We’re gonna take a look at your blood. – Okay. Oh wow, okay. – Alright, let’s see here. Ricky, I’m the doctor, okay? I’ve got it. Okay, let’s see here. Oh Ricky, we know the problem. – What? – You have garbage in your blood. – What? – * – Yes, Ricky. You are what you eat. – Sounds yummy to me. – No way. Assistant, what should we do? – I know. Put a cast? – Sure, put a cast on. Where? Ricky’s tummy? – It is hurting. – Let’s see, hmm. – Let’s give him a shot. – Yeah. – A shot?! – Yes, it’ll make your tummy feel better. – Okay. – I got a band aid ready to go. – Okay good.
– Okay. Where should we give Ricky a shot? – On the chin? – In the chin? No way, in the arm, assistant! – Oh, both arms? – Just one. – Okay. – Good job, did that hurt, Ricky? – Uh, not bad. – Good job. Now, what we need you to
do is go home, take it easy and no more trash, you
have to eat healthy food. – We’re gonna throw all
that trash in the real dump. – We’re gonna get you
fruits and vegetables. – Okay, okay, okay. – Alright, Ricky. Take care of yourself. – Don’t take the trashcan. – Okay. – We’ll take care of this. – I can’t believe Ricky
the raccoon ate trash! – I know, assistant, you
have to eat healthy food. – Yeah. I wonder who’s gonna be next. – Yeah, me too. Assistant, I wonder who’s next. – Yeah, I wonder. – Hmm. – Oh, I’m all fired up, oh boy. – Oh no, what happened? – Oh boy, I got burned,
I got burned really bad. – Tell us about it. – I’m burned. – Where? – On my hand, assistant,
right here on my hand. – Should I take your
temperature, on your hand? – I don’t think you can take
a temperature on your hand. – It’s way up. – It’s really hot. – I was near a volcano. And there was like all these birds by it and I had to save them! So I was like “I’m all fired up!” I went to save the birds. – Whoa. – Is that how you got burned? – No, I didn’t get burned
on the volcano, no. – Okay. – I saved the birds, right assistant? And then I was on my way to the lookout, and I saw a house and it was on fire! – Oh no! – It already got fire? – It was, it got fire. I had to climb in there and an itty bitty kitty was inside the house. – Oh no! So I saved the itty bitty
kitty with fires all around me. – Well, is that house you got burned? – No, I didn’t get burned
with that, no, not at all. – Okay, well, how did you get burned? – So I saved the itty bitty kitty, so I had to go back to the lookout. And when I got there, you
know what was happening? – What? – It was Rubble’s birthday party. – Okay. – It was a birthday party. – Wait, wait, did the house burn down? – No, the lookout didn’t burn down. – Oh okay. – There was a birthday cake,
and I had to light the candle. I burned my hand on those candles. – Wait. – With the light thingy? – That’s how you got burned? – Oh, it burned it so bad (crying). – Maybe we should do a band aid. – I think so assistant. – I’ve a band aid. – I think my hand, actually my paw. – Oh, okay. Good job, the band aid
doesn’t fit, assistant. You wanna put a bandage on there? – Okay. – Do you have any like, burn cream? – Of course, first thing, you’re right. Let’s put some ointment on it. Let’s see what I have in my bag. Alright. – It kinda burns, did I tell ya? (assistant laughing) – Oh well, let me see yours, assistant. – Grab my, it kinda burns. – Well alright, we’ll take care of you. Oh, here we go, and some nice ointment. Assistant, would you like
to put on the bandage? (assistant laughing) Here, I’ll hold the bandage. – Okay, this bandage. – This one? Just trust us, we’ve been
doing this a long time. – No, I’m actually just learning. – What, she’s brand new! – No, no, don’t worry, don’t worry. We’ll take good care of you. I’ve been a doctor for a long time. – Oh good, so you’re a good doctor. – Just for one day. – Wait, wait, it’s been more than one day. It’s been a day and a half. Alright, good job. – Yeah, all right, now I’m all fired up. I’m gonna go back and see
if I can help paw patrol, I think I have a mission to do. – Come back here in three days, come back here in three days
so we can take the cast off. – Alright, you need to take
the bandages off, right? – Yes. – Yeah, I wonder whose turn is next. – Ooh, I’m tired, assistant. – Me too. – What a day, assistant. Which patient did you
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