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oh you guys all know Ron Ron also has an ear that needs to be cleaned out so we’ll do that this is kinda like a two-part people like the one episode and then see another 11 with freezing your activity keratosis and another one with digging out you’re here working Oh Ron me and yeah that one thing it’s kind of hard to see past the hairs you’re laughing about the hairs but you if i could get past the agency is just strange I hurt you know let me try harder put this here and then have you pulled it from the side to side all the way in your network your wonderful ride i need to be able to get in really close back a little bit and then I’m going to grab the thing again ok here we are you ready yeah okay I can it will get you anything not with the first one apparently Oh what we got some progress i can see your drum now good pain that works really well i’m going to do the same way i’m going to first get this in position turn your head that direction that allows me to really get us in a good spot this time and then I’ll bring this in half back we’ll go almost done all right now what we have oh yeah I have to have to move that stuff around broken through is just going to clean up all ok turn your head you have even more if you can alright so this allows us might want to be or where I am so you can see past this even further possibly long thing out not a huge prize but you can try to use the mingling of letting okay you’re making a face yeah just for a moment I’m going to use this guy take care okay all we have is it out yeah thanks to one little late but I pushed in the way of the years it will see that so Ron you did look on youtube and see yourself didn’t you did you see all those nice comments yeah did you comment back there is no and let’s take a look at it so what we see is an eardrum that is now you’re able to see it although it’s not it’s not clear like it you like to see in your dress looks like you had some congestion possibly also having all that stuff washed up against it just now kind of caused some via the cloudiness of it so Ron’s ears are now both totally open for for sound to get in although there’s just a little flaky wax romania both we leave that alone because if we were to go digging to get all that out with cause abrasions and injury and and the wax actually does play a role in the ear to protect it and keep stuff out so we just go so far with cleaning and patients get better outcomes when we do that if you have problems with the years getting kind of plugged up and instead of it get to this point what you can do is use over-the-counter earwax softener yeah use that a couple times a week for a couple weeks and that generally will take care of it and and we can check if we need to we always have the backup of using the the irrigator we need to hey thanks for joining us until next time this is ron dr. Marvin telling you to subscribe and stay good help

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