“Full-Blown Diabetes & My Doctor Never Mentioned a Problem” (Gout and Diabetes)

So full-blown diabetes and my doctor
never mentioned the sugar problem. Again, we see a lot of these. I just wanted to
share some results from a patient that I saw recently. Fasting blood sugar was 108. So if this
doc was checking it, actually checking fasting blood sugars, you would think
they would have noticed something. One hour after taking the glucose challenge
(75 grams of glucose), blood sugar was 225. The ADA (one of the clear criteria for
full-blown diabetes) is over 200 at any time, so this patient had full-blown
diabetes. The two-hour specimen was 196 so they’re not getting much insulin
response at all. To top it off, as you see down below that, at the bottom of the numbers here on these labs, their uric acid was 9.9. In other words,
gout is… as you may or may not know, gout’s also a significant risk for heart attack
and stroke. So this patient got not one but two major risks for heart attacks,
strokes. The major one with full-blown diabetes and a moderate to minor one
with uric acid and gout. Why are we missing that sort of thing?
Don’t blame it all on the docs. Just be focused on what you need to know and
protecting your own health. Thank you for your interest. Hello, my name is Ford
Brewer. I started my career over three decades ago as an emergency room doc. The experience was very frustrating because the majority of things that
brought people into the ER, like heart attack and stroke, were things they
should have been prevented. So I went to Johns Hopkins to get training in
prevention. I ended up running the program there. Since then, I’ve trained
dozens of docs and supervised hundreds of docs.
And even more importantly, helped thousands of patients prevent heart
attack and stroke and dementia rather than waiting for the devastation and the
consequences in hoping for cures that just don’t work. Join us in Louisville on
November 8th and 9th. We have an event there. It’s a two-day, like a boot camp
on heart attack and stroke prevention. If you’d like, you can also get all of
the labs and arterial scan. You’ll learn new things that you just don’t get from
most docs in terms of the real causes of heart attack and stroke. Like how do I
measure plaque, how do I know if I have cardiovascular inflammation, the true
causes of heart attack and stroke, and what’s the most common cause of it. I’ll
give you a hint: their cardiovascular information, and how do I prevent that,
how do I manage that. Thank you.

5 thoughts on ““Full-Blown Diabetes & My Doctor Never Mentioned a Problem” (Gout and Diabetes)

  1. Everyone should be in charge of their own health, that why I watch health videos on YouTube including this channel thanks Dr Brewer! If you wait for your doctors for some advice, you will die!

  2. I am a 57 year old male at 5' 6" tall and 160 lbs. I exercise frequently. Sounds like my numbers but my uric acid isn't as high. I have not considered myself a diabetic because I have not gotten a fasting glucose of 125 or more yet, mine tends to run between 110 and 120. Since discovering this elevated fasting glucose level I have been eating a very low carbohydrate diet so my numbers never get above 140. The big question becomes should I take medication for this or just keep on the very low carbohydrate diet. By the way did berberine affect your glucose in a positive way in your estimation and is it worth it. Thank you for the informative videos!

  3. My fasting glucose 109, 1 hr after test 185, 2 hrs. it was at 111. For me, this indicates pre diabetes which I already knew. I'd like to get on metformin if I can tolerate it. I'm on low dose livalo right now & trying to maintain low carb diet. Very difficult for me personally. 😢 I'll be attending the conference & look forward to learning more about how I can prevent early death. Thanks for all you do doc.👍👊

  4. I had an hba1c of 6.6 and he did not even mention it. He kept harping about my high LDL and pressuring me to up my dosage of Lipitor. I asked to be referred to Dr. Jason Fung's clinic and they put me on a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. They were unconcerned about the LDL. About 6 years ago I was given the glucose tolerance test and was declared to be not diabetic. The nutritionist put me on the standard low fat, lean meat, whole grain, more fruit and vegetable, healthy diet. I thought the blood sugars were under control until 3 years ago when a blood test showed an hba1c of 6.6. I wish that I had known about LCHF back then instead of the stupid low fat high carb, whole grain, lots of fruit and vegetable diet that failed.

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