FUE Hair Transplant – What to Expect on the Day of Your Hair Transplant Surgery | Doug’s FUE Diary

Hello my name is Michail Mouzakis I work as
a consultant cosmetic doctor here at The Private Clinic in Birmingham and Leeds. I am trained
in the UK as a plastic surgeon in Cambridgeshire, East Anglia and London and I have a special
interest in hair restoration. Okay my name is Douglas I am 35 years old and I am a boxing
MC from Glasgow. Over the past 5 years I perform a modified follicular unit extraction to offer
hair restoration and I have performed more than 800 procedures. My aim is to deliver
a scar free result, natural result with the minimum discomfort. Probably in my late 20s
I became increasingly aware that my hair line was beginning to recede. As a boxing MC a
lot of the events I work on there is a lot of photography and social media and some of
them are televised. This procedure is quite popular and became popular in the last 5 to
6 years especially in men. It is in the top 5 of minimally invasive procedures for male
patients and in the last 2 years became really popular among the population of women. I have
literally spent a year reading all the forums, going online, weighing up differences between
doing the procedure here in the UK and doing it abroad. I have had 3 different consultations
as well and I have to say of the three different surgeons and the three different companies
that I dealt with the one I was most comfortable with by a country mile was The Private Clinic.
The patient is the ideal candidate because he is in good health first of all, he is at
the perfect age to have a stable pattern of hair loss because we can never predict the
part of hair which is bad. The older you get the better chance you have at having a stable
pattern. He also has reasonable expectations that is why this technique can give him a
nice natural result with minimal downtime. Okay we are done with the local anesthetic
and we are doing the harvesting of the grafts, we are using a 0.7 punch and one by one like
this…. we extract the hair follicles actually the grafts that contain the hair follicles
so by doing that you can see that he has very nice donor area and one by one quickly we
can remove the amount of grafts that we want. As you can see here we have our grafts that
contain the hair follicles. I was so nervous about getting the local anesthetic and in
actual fact it was nothing like as bad as i expected and the rest of the procedure has
maybe taken around about 3 hours and for the most part I think I was sleeping. We are separating
the grafts in single, double, triple and quadruple and specially in order to do the hairline
I always like to be sure that I have a very good quality of single grafts because the
single grafts will give us a very natural hairline. So Nabeel over here is separating
under a microscope and you can see we have a very good quality of grafts. Here we are
with Douglas now after the extraction in order together to decide where the hairline would
be. Usually the manly hairline starts 7cm, between 7.5 and 8cm from the mid line of the
eyebrows as you can see we have line marks in exactly 7cm. So I am not going to change
his hairline, okay I am going to mark it out and then we will do the same on the lateral
contrast here which is the corner of his eye and should be a cm more just to look natural
and as you can see it is exactly 8cm. My aim is to give him a natural hairline not too
low, not too high because sometimes men tend to loose from the temples over here so I don’t
want him after 5 years to end up with a small gap behind the ear so that is why we keep
the hairline slightly higher up and we can give him a long lasting result. We have just
finished with the local anesthetic and we are ready to proceed with the implantation.
So we are half way there and I would like to show you how things are now that we have
restored half of his empty front so now you have a mirror please have a look. OH WOW!
So as you can see this is your new hairline you can see the empty area so you can compare.
I think he is pleased! You want me to carry on or change everything? *laughter* no keep
going please! So we are done with the procedure today and Douglas has not seen the final result
yet the only thing that I would like to highlight is as you can see there we have warts on the
forehead, there is only a mild swelling this is something that rarely happens but i am
really glad because he is not going to have puffy eyes. So are you ready to see the final
result? Yes I am excited. Looking forward to it? Please hold the mirror and enjoy…
Oh *laughter* that is fantastic! How do I feel about my appearance right now? I am absolutely
buzzing about it, I can’t believe that this morning I came into The Private Clinic with
a hairline that I hated and this afternoon I am walking out with a hairline that is going
to last and stay with me and it is exactly what I wanted so I am just so pleased I can’t
even put into words what a difference this is going to make to me. He is really happy,
he is really pleased and I am really pleased with the outcome because he is smiling. The
result looks really natural and the only thing that he has to do from now on is to follow
the post-op instructions that are really important and in 9 months time he will have an excellent
result. The post-op care instructions were superb, honestly. One of doctor Mouzakis’s
team went through everything with me and answered any questions that I could think of and just
went through absolutely everything and I have been given it all in a printed format as well
so. I want to see him back in roughly 6 weeks just to keep up the continuation with my patients
and to see how the donor area has healed if there are any problems I will be ready to
take his call and then in 6 months time we will start seeing the frame and the first
growth, the rapid growth. In 9 months time he will have a very good result with very
good length and then in a years time we will have the final result. Dr Mouzakis was fabulous,
his team and surgery were brilliant as well and they are just so caring and so careful
I am so happy now that I went with The Private Clinic and that’s the truth so I am delighted
with the result and I can’t wait to see it continue to grow and improve month after month
but apart from that I just know already that I have done the right thing.

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  1. What is the cost to have an FUE Hair transplant procedure done to restore a receded hairline back to the original, if it is at Norwood stage 2 – 3 ?

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