FUE Hair Transplant Chennai (2019) Tamil ✅ | முடி மாற்று அறுவை சிகிச்சை சென்னை

This is an educational video And I am going to talk about Hair Transplant Hair Transplant is a procedure done for Male Pattern Baldness (as its called) When Males (Men) experience baldness, they have hair loss in a particular spot on their scalp In order to grow hair back in that region, the only proven procedure is Hair Transplant. Medical treatment – If we start during the time when hair starts thinning, then perhaps we can prevent baldness Once baldness has occurred, hair restoration through medical treatment is difficult Hair transplant can be performed using two main techniques One – Follicular Unit Transplant (FUE Hair Transplant) How this works is, a strip of hair from the back of the head which is also called ‘Permanent Zone’ From there, the hair is extracted and transplanted to the area where baldness exists This is FUE which means Follicular Unit Extraction Instead of extracting a strip of hair (from the donor site) individual units (of hair follicles) are individually extracted and transplanted in the area with baldness The FUE procedure can also be referred to with different terminology for instance based on the technique, terminology varies But, two common techniques of restoration are Follicular Unit Transplant in short it is called FUT technique (other) is Follicular Unit Extraction which in short is called FUE technique This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia Patient.. It is done as a day care procedure On the day of the surgery, the patient is asked to come to the hospital in the morning after he / she comes, if required local anaesthesia cream can be applied before (the surgery), then after 2 hours have passed while administering injection in that area

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    how much the cost for this hair replacement ,and is there any side effect during this repalcement?plz replay

  2. இது நாள் வரைக்கும்..நா தேடி பாத்த…வீடியோல…இது. ரொம்பவே விளக்கமா.. தெளிவா சுலபமா புரிஞ்சிக்கிர மாதிரி..இருக்கு…நன்றி…தோழி

  3. 1000 கிராப்ட் வைக்க எவ்வளவு செலவு ஆகும் சொல்லுங்கள் அம்மா

  4. Hair transplantation panna athiga patcha side effect ? Or it case death, because one house surgeon was died in that hair transplantation process, that's why I ask, what is the maximum side effect of hair transplantation madam? And i also affected by hair loss in the 3rd pattern mam, next how many grafts are required to me mam? Please help me mam?

  5. Ennoda age 18 . enaku athikama hair loss akuthu baldness athikama theriyuthu epdi mam intha problem solve pannanum pls sollunga

  6. Enaku Age 28 Ennoda hair U shapela hair loss akuthu… Antha U shape edathula mattum podugu iruku intha podugu pokavey mattuthu.. Nan neraya doctor kitta kamchiten MX5, Mx7 ithellam use paniten no use… podugula than ennoda hair loss akuthu…?

  7. Then why big shots like ambani, rajanikanth, politician are not doing this? Think they are not aware of this method…Excellent explanation, Ma'am…thank you…

  8. Mam my Age 20 Enaku 18 age la irunthu Hair loss aagaa start aachu.. enaku naraiya hair loss aachu mam

    Vitamin E capsule try pannen not use mam

    Minoxidil use panna sonnanga but side effects iruku num sonnanga so naan atha try pannala

    Hair loss ku naraiya video parthen but unga video va parkum pothu

    Enaku epdi patta treatment panna shari aagum mam plz sollunga mam

    I am waiting💪🏻💪🏻✌️

  9. Hii mam ennoda age 20 enakku hair transplantation pannunnum mom aana enakku back side hair kammiyathan irukku so vera enge irukka hair etuthu transplant pannalam pls rply

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  11. How to contact your clinic?

  12. Dr. Enaku hair transplant panni around 3 and half month achu but growthing romba slow a iruku …full grow akurathuku evlo nalla akum pls tell me that

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