From Registered Nurse to Master of Health Informatics

I would say this is the best time to be involved
in Health Informatics. We are at the crux of evolution in health
care data, and we are probably just scratching the tip of the iceberg here. There is so much potential in this field,
and so many domains you can get in to – not just locally, not just nationally, but globally. I’m Michelle Acosta Bochinski and I’ve been a nurse at Michigan Medicine for 20 years and now I am the Clinical Data Quality Specialist
for the Data Office for Clinical and Translational Research. In 2012, when our institution was introduced
to a new electronic health records vendor, that really intrigued me and I looked at it
as a challenge – one step above basically just taking care of a patient. There was a side of it that would help health
care in the long run. With the new electronic health record, I know
that we could curate information that would help either in research or help in making
clinical decisions. And I thought, “it’s time to get my masters.” And when I found the Masters in Health Informatics,
I thought that was it because when I was looking at the curriculum, I saw the components that
it had a little bit of programming, a little bit of health care policy, health care management
– and I thought, this was it. It is doable, if I can do it you know, anyone
else can do it. Like I said, I come from a background of – it’s
not computer science at all – I mean, from a nurse to being able to do Python a little
bit? I mean that’s – it’s one challenge I was really
happy to overcome. It is the best time to be in this field.

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  1. Is there a reason why health informatics was chosen over nursing informatics? I am trying to understand the difference between both of them and which one offers more job opportunities. I do not see many nursing informatics positions.

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