33 thoughts on “Frida (2/12) Movie CLIP – Calaca Hospital (2002) HD

  1. The stop-motion animation reminds me somewhat of the George Pal Puppetoons, particularly his Madcap Models series he produced in the US in the 1940s (he was originally Hungarian and his early works from the 1930s were released primarily in Europe).

  2. Auch apenas a una mujer le duele meterse la puntita de un dildo,un palo de metal de camión debió ser insoportable.

  3. Either when they found her or a witness saw her, the impact of the crash tore her clothes off, so she was completely naked, covered in gold dust and impaled like in the scene.

  4. the explanation is simple, in the blue house "the museum of frida kahlo" in a small theater of calacas, I went there and the truth was beautiful, when I saw the film I did not understand the scene, but when I analyzed it I remembered the museum, there the explanation, and the style of that art of frida was something strange, for that reason the scene is similar to tim burton that has the same style, although he did not do it.

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