French Patient’s Testimonials about Dr.Serkan Aygın Clinic

-Name and surname?
I’m Davide Alfado I’m Massimo Ramos -Where’re you from?
Belgium -What is the reason you are in Istanbul?
We are here for hair transplant operation -Did you come for hair operation too?
Yes,me too. -What do you like the most about Istanbul?
Istanbul is a wonderful city and has a very nice ambience It’s a huge city, there’re too many stores I just came for hair transplantation But really the city is very beautiful -Where did you find Dr. Serkan AYGIN Clinic?
I research much from the internet I saw many people’s results And than I decided. One of the best clinic for me. I wanted to come to Istanbul for hairplant for about two years. But I was afraid of coming alone Because of I came with Davide -Why do you trust Serkan Aygın’s Clinic?
I had confidence in this clinic compared to the people who came and I saw the results Same for me too,some of my friends came here for operation. there is so much clinic but when we saw the results we decided -What are your favorite features about this clinic?
Very advanced and clean really great It’s big and classy -When did your hair loss start?
I lost my hair in my 20’s And then it started to spill more I could no longer look at myself so I wanted to do the graft -How did you decide?
I decided with the new technology. before there was the FUT,which is left scars But now we have FUE -What about you Massimo?
I started researching in Brussels Accually they recomended for Turkey Because the clinics here are more professional And the price is better We compared and Turkey has more advantages. Prices according to europe more suitable -What is your expectation about operation?
To feel better about myself and to have a very good result. I just want hair in my head 🙂 -This is the last one. What do you recommend to people who have lost their hair?
I advise them not to hesitate Come to Istanbul,it’s a beautiful city Some people says there is problem in Istanbul, don’t belive them Everything going so good I advise them to don’t wait and come here the fastest way. because it is useless to wait for the hair to fall completely

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