Free Treatment at Ohio State’s Hepatitis B Clinic

I’m involved in a free hepatitis B clinic
through Ohio State University. Our goal is to expand hepatitis B treatment
in the community. It’s a disease that can be acquired in various
different ways, sometimes through childbirth or early in childhood, and later in life it
can be acquired through body fluids a or drug use potentially. Regardless of how a patient gets it, if they
have a chronic infection, they’re in need of treatment. Hepatitis B is very much a global issue. It’s much more of a problem in Asia and Africa,
but certainly affects patients in the U.S. Our goal is to take care of the patients we
have in the Columbus area and also expand understanding and awareness of the disease
process worldwide. It’s a very severe global problem and strongly
associated with liver cancer. All of these things deserve a much greater
amount of attention in the media and worldwide press and we’re trying to achieve that.

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  1. I’m a hepatitis b and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, I want to get treatment from you, how can I reach you? My phone number 513 283 5289

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