Free medical clinic set for October, volunteers needed

you drover to chat we’re gonna hear a little bit about a free clinic happening in Bozeman coming this October Chet Fred and Jill thanks Missy yeah yeah 619 now joining us this morning Fred Angela Cornforth fred is the founder CEO of community development incorporated based in Boise that’s not what we’re talking about though you’re bringing this special clinic to us here in the Gallatin Valley in October tell us about that you know we’re excited about this October 19 and on the 21st at the fairgrounds we’re going to be making available dental optical and medical services at no charge and it’s a this whole Gallatin Valley area is a very important part of my family’s past and we’re just excited to be able to bring this to the Bozeman area and hope that we can help a lot of people you’ve done these clinics before but never in a place like open it a little bigger scale where you’ve raised right in fact some of them it’s been neat to be from Boise to Baton Rouge it’s been an incredible experience but every time I thought about the Gallatin Valley there’s been that tug back here and it’s just something that we’ve been looking forward to doing for a long time and it’s it’s coming and we’re excited it sounds like so much work Fred why I mean there’s so many other things you could be doing why do this you know when when in high school it Belgrade high it you you look around in and you see your friends dealing with issues that maybe the families didn’t have enough money to get addressed and take care of even little things that you just wouldn’t take for granted even your smile you might be hesitant those are the kind of things that again just pull it your your heartstrings and it’s something that we just want to give back Jilla this is something that obviously got fretted and you were both very passionate about I’m gonna ask you to say this the work that must go into making this happen you’re not doing this you’ve done it in Boise that’s easy that’s your neighborhood but you’re now in Bozeman you’re a long ways from home and that all the work that goes into making this a possibility I mean is it worth it in the end yes I’m a nurse by training and so the healthcare is really near and dear to my heart and there’s so many that don’t have availability of the services that we provide and when you come through our doors no one asks for your insurance card it’s just it’s for anybody who is underinsured or who don’t have insurance and to be able to send a child home with glasses as they start their school year is such a blessing and we’re just it it’s very invigorating when you walk through the doors and you see all these volunteers here to serve and to make things better for people that’s what we’re talking about you need some volunteers before we wrap this up how can folks become involved in this that in in October they can go online and it’s Bozeman Amen dot I’m gonna have to look at this you can splash it later the address up there but you go online and you read and you can sign up right all right yeah in fact and we’re just super happy that the Bozeman family dentistry in Bozeman Hot Springs along with other sponsors have been able to help us get this done first interstate Albertsons and Safeway that’s phenomenal Fred and Jill Cornforth joining us this morning October 19th and 21st at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds free clinic chance to go online we’ll post that on our web site so you can go on and help volunteer wonderful joining us this morning thank you gentlemen we’re gonna take a quick break we come back on Matt has your forecast stick around

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