FREE GOLD! 1970s Westinghouse Hydraulic Elevator at Blackwood Medical Center, Blackwood, NJ

This is a fairly old building. This is at the Blackwood Medical Plaza in
Blackwood, New Jersey. There’s an elevator to ride. We might have something vintage. Eh, I don’t know about this. Ohh, I think I might have found a vintage
Westy…! Ohh! Look at this! Old Westinghouse. No floor indicator, so… Here’s how you can confirm it. That’s a Westinghouse interlock up there. Don’t know if you can see it. I think that’s a Westinghouse logo up
there. Op. There we go. Let’s go down to 1. I think the door closes when I push the
button. Let’s get a cab view of this beauty. It’s pretty small. Look at these fixtures. Button goes out. ADA compliant phone. The capacity is 1500 pounds. This was worth coming in for. That’s it.

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