Fraxel Patient Testimonial at Skin Vitality Toronto

Hi, my name is Maria, I came
to Skin Vitality six months ago to discuss a few of
my skin concerns. Over the past couple of years,
I had started to notice that my complexion was not as
even as it used to be. I started noticing some
small brown spots on my forehead and cheeks. After discussing my concerns
in detail with Skin Vitality medical staff, a treatment called
Fraxel Dual Skin Resurfacing was introduced to me. This being the first time I
had ever come to a medical facility to discuss
my concerns, I had a lot of questions. The medical staff really
took their time with me, answered all my questions and
showed me before and after photos of real patients. Six months and three Fraxel sessions later, I
feel renewed and rejuvenated. Although Fraxel is
a resurfacing treatment, the downtime experienced
was very minimal. I had a little bit of peeling
and slight redness for a short period of time
after the treatment. The benefits of
Fraxel are endless. Not only did Fraxel erase the
brown spots on my cheeks and forehead, but it also closed
up my enlarged pores, smoothed over the fine lines
that were starting to appear around my eyes, and
best of all, gave my skin an overall glow I haven’t
seen since my early 20s. I would recommend Fraxel
to anyone looking to stop the signs of
aging in their tracks. I can honestly say, coming
to Skin Vitality was one of the best decisions I have
ever made for myself. [MUSIC]

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