Fraxel Facial Laser Treatment – Dr Rita Rakus UK Clinic

I saw immediate results from Fraxel, I think it improved a lot. It make me look younger I think I’ve had the best results I’ve ever had with any product Its such an uplifting experience for me. This procedure has taken years off my appearance I’m amazed because its just after one treatment.. there’s a difference immediately. It just miraculous I had better skin The fine lines and wrinkles are gone. I’m very happy with that. I look so much better! It’s great! do you wanna feel great look great
and take years off your appearance well now you can within innovative approach to
resurfacing skin texture evening skin tone and reducing wrinkles around your
eyes Fraxel laser treatments are highly
targeted gentle and promote rapid healing reparing years of skin damage in just
weeks this breakthrough aesthetic procedure
for younger healthier skin is capturing attention across the country with some
well-known people asking about the Fraxel laser Lets talk about this new laser treatment called Fraxel perhaps the best way to understand how
it works is to think of pixels in their digital
photograph of your skin with each treatment the Fraxel laser
helps to repair between twenty and twenty five percent of the ageing
brown or sun damage spots unlike other procedures to kill off
layers of the skin the fraxel laser delivers and million microscopic points of
light per treatment session with each spot being surrounded by
healthy tissue this allows healing to progress very
quickly the f_d_a_ cleared Fraxel laser
developed by reliant technologies addresses many effects of photo damage
and aging on your skin each treatment helps to improve skin
tone and texture tighten the skin as well as we move unsightly brown spots and malasma commonly known as the mask of pregnancy socks the laser treatment is safe and
effective performing it right here in our office using a topical anesthetic
enhances your comfort level when unique feature is the use of the
f_d_a_-approved blue tint it helps to highlight the contours of the skin
activates the laser is precise control mechanism immediately after the procedure you’ll
feel a slight sun burn sensation one to two hours mild redness and puffyness may persist
for two to three days depending upon your unique skin condition an individual
treatment this witness looks like wind burn you
might get from skiing imparting a bronze ish appearance to the
skin the appearance is kind of like a red sunburn is is basically what
you feel like i mean for me it’s just like i’d been out in the sun at the beach all day to me it felt like you know when my daughter is playfully pinching me or something every visit got easier following treatment women can apply makeup and men can
shave some patients are able to return to
routine activities including work and social obligations the same day
of treatment others may require little more time depending upon their skin condition and
treatment our staff will assit you to determine how
the treatment will best fit into your schedule patients note improvements after each
and every session you may find friends and family
commenting on how youthful you look what’s more this improvement continues over weeks
and months as your body continues to produce new collegen in treated areas here’s what patients are saying about the ease and effectiveness of the Fraxel laser treatment i would recommend this
procedure to my friends and anyone else who wants to look younger without going through surgery without having an invasive procedure done and if they really want to to look good
and feel better about themselves I just go on and on

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