Fran’s Story – Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center

(Meet Fran: Learn About Her Tumor Removal Surgery) – I’m Fran Taylor, I’ve lived
in Spotsylvania for 21 years. I just graduated my third from homeschool, she’s off at Mary Baldwin University. So, I’m starting a whole
new chapter of my life and looking forward to it. I was diagnosed with
having a very large tumor and I was arranging with my
doctor to have it removed and about two days before Christmas, he called me and he said,
he was looking my CT scan and it turned out that the
tumor was pushing on my ureter and might be doing some
damage to my kidney and he wanted me to do
in the Spotsy Regional to interventional radiology (IR), never heard of it before
and have a procedure done. ‘Cause I got the phone call
two days before Christmas, everything my doctor said to me about what I was having done
just totally went in and out the other. My brain was totally washed
clean and on the December 26th, I woke up and I went,
they’re gonna do what, to me? So I called to them, talked
to someone in administration and said, hey, I’m having
this procedure done, could you tell me exactly
what they’re doing? And the very nice lady said, “I will have someone call you back.” And an administrator
of some kind called me, explained the procedure to me and said, “I will have the doctor call you.” And that was actually my
first incredible experience with the hospital ’cause
I thought I’ve actually at a college did medical
research and seen doctors and they’re really busy and never expected that phone call to happen. But a very nice doctor called
me and spent 45 minutes, explaining exactly why and
how he was gonna do something and by the time I got off the phone, it was something I’d
never heard of even though I have a medical background. I felt really safe about
the fact that this guy was gonna put this tube in my back. I came in on January 2nd for the surgery and I have never been in a hospital, admitted into a hospital before. I was actually born in a
house along with my relatives that were with me and so that was one of the first things that
I know is where we waiting in a lobby and my brother-in-law said, “You know, this doesn’t
look like a hospital.” And one of the things is that I noticed is it doesn’t smell like a hospital. He said, “It looks more like a resort.” Once I got in out of surgery, the nurses were like so
attentive and they responded what I needed and they were so respectful that just really made me
feel comfortable and valued. I at college, I did work
and even in college worked in research, two research hospitals and I just really wasn’t, I
was used to achieving the goal, not really paying attention to the person and so I was really surprised that at just how valued I felt. At one point, the head of nursing came in, she introduced herself
or something like that, I’m not sure I have her title right, but she was wearing a
suit instead of scrubs, so I knew that she was an administration, asked me some questions and
before she left she said, “Is there anything that I
can do for you before I go?” And being in the hospitality
industry, I heard that phrase and I went that they
were taught to do that, they were taught good customer service and they actually do it. I would recommend Spotsy Regional before any other hospital in the area, it’s clean, it really doesn’t
smell like a hospital, it really feels very much, to me it felt more like a hotel, with very professional staff.

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