Fortis – Clinic Dr Demo One Time Payments

To access Fortis from within Clinic doctor and run a one-time payment, all we need to do is go ahead and select a patient Once we select that patient, it’s going to bring us to their dashboard up at the top We have a drop down for the patient we’re going to go ahead & click “add payment” From here you can select “credit card”. Anywhere you see “add payment” within Clinic Doctor is going to allow you to access Fortis From here, it’s gonna to take you right from the patient’s profile within Clinic Doctor to their profile within Fortis From their profile within Fortis, you can do anything you need to do for this patient so you can swipe a one-time card, run a transaction from a stored card, add a store card, look at recent transactions, run recurring payments, anything you need to do for this patient. So if you wanna just swipe a card one time, you can click the “charge contact” button right here It’s gonna bring up the charge screen. From here, we can either swipe it – the card with our USB swiper that’s gonna populate the card number and the expiration date or you can always key enter that in, put the amount and run the transaction. You can also run the transaction and store the card at the same time So maybe it’s the first time the patients in the office they’re just checking out and you want to run their transaction and store it for the next time you can run it and while you’re running it just click the “store card” button We even allow you to name that card, so if it’s an HSA card, maybe their care plan card you can just name it So it’s easy to remember Let’s say you’re coming in and you come to the patient’s profile, and you already have a card on file and you wanna run a payment. So all you have to do is next to the card, there’s a little “actions” button You can click “run sale” From here you can enter a transaction amount and you can process the transaction. It’s gonna give you a nice receipt screen It’ll have your company info though on this receipt and you can print or email the receipt. We’re going to actually pull the email address over from Clinic Doctor. So there’s nothing you need to do to pull that information over. Once you’ve run a transaction, you can go ahead and just close Fortis, and you’ll be right back in Clinic Doctor. There’s nothing you need to do for payments to post back to Clinic Doctor We’re going to post them back automatically so within a couple of seconds of you running the transaction You should see that payment post back to the patient’s ledger within Clinic Doctor If you want to watch the next video that’s gonna show you more about recurring payments and how that process works.

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