Former NBA star opens rehab facility for those struggling with addiction

(M) TONIGHT — A CANDID TALK WITH FORMER BASKETBALL STAR CHRIS HERREN ON HIS PATH TO WELLNESS. (HE) THE FALL RIVER NATIVE’S NBA CAREER WAS DERAILED BY DRUG AND ALCOHOL ADDICTION. (M) NOW SOBER FOR NEARLY TEN YEARS — HE JUST OPENED THE “HERREN WELLNESS” REHAB CENTER IN SEEKONK — TO HELP OTHERS BATTLING SUBSTANCE ABUSE. (HE) EYEWITNESS NEWS ANCHOR PATRICK LITTLE HAS THAT STORY… NEW AT 5. CHRIS HERREN SPENDS OVER 200 DAYS A YEAR TRAVELING ACROSS THE COUNTRY TELLING HIS LIFE STORY TO KIDS OF ALL AGES AND ADULTS AS WELL, HOPING HIS STORY WILL PREVENT OTHERS FROM TRAVELING DOWN THE SAME PATH HE DID FOR SO MANY YEARS… HERREN SOT 11:15:28 is it day to day? of course it is. it will always be day to day. but it’s a beautiful day you know? and nine and a half years is something i’m extremely greatful for its a life that i never ever imagined TRACK ON AUGUST 1ST OF 2008 CHRIS HERREN STARTED A LIFE OF SOBRIETY…DRUG AND ALCHOHOL ABUSE STARTING BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL IN FALL RIVER ALMOST KILLED HIM…MANY TIMES.. 11:16:15 Patrick: do you say, who is that guy? 11:16:23 i dont enjoy seeing any clips of me playing for the celtics…i was extremely sick i was suffering at that time if my life 11:16:31 you know durfee high school fresno state there were some good times but the celtics you know it was a struggle TRACK AND NOW THE 42 YEAR OLD HERREN WANTS TO HELP OTHERS WHO ARE STRUGGLING… FOR THE LAST 9 YEARS CHRIS HAS BEEN TRAVELING THE COUNTRY TELLING HIS STORY TO HIGH SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND EVEN PROFESSIONAL ORANIZATIONS…AND NOW HE IS OPENING A WELNESS CENTER IN SEEKONK THAT BEARS HIS NAME.. 7:53:41 this is where people will walk in and meet in the office HERREN PURCHASED THE JACOB HILL INN IN SEEKONK AND HAS CONVERTED THE ONE TIME INN INTO A 22 BEDROOM, FULLY STAFFED WELNESS CENTER 11:10:56 so i went to treatment when i was 21 years old and when i walked into treatment it was in a very clinical setting and i thought i didnt belong… i listened to other people tell their story and i was like im so so far away from that… 11:16:44 when it comes to addiction there is this unbeleivable stigma that is attached to it..everyone wants to focus on the worst day…and not the first day…everybody wants to tell people how bad it is in the end instead of addressing it in the beginning and that the void we want to fill here (TAG) HERREN WELNESS AT JACOBS HILL IN SEEKONK IS NOW OPEN AND ALTHOUGH HE TRAVELS ALMOST 250 DAYS OUT OF EVERY YEAR AS A MOTIOVATIONAL SPEAKER NOW HERREN PLANS TO BE AT THE FACILTY AS OFTEN AS HIS SCHEDULE ALLOWS…IM PL EN NOW, CHIEF METEORLOGIST TONY PETRARCA WITH YOUR “Now, more local coverage… This is Eyewitness News on WPRI 12.” (HE) NOW, AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT THE OPIOID CRISIS IN SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND. WE’RE LEARNING HOW SOME TREATMENT CENTERS ARE ADAPTING THE WAY THEY PROVIDE SUPPORT. (MM) WE’VE ALSO UNCOVERED SOME SURPRISING DETAILS ON THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE SEEKING TREATMENT. PATRICK LITTLE HAS THE STORY… NEW AT SIX. DRUG OVERDOSES ARE NOW CONSIDERED A PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS. AT FIVE, I SAT DOWN WITH FALL RIVER NATIVE AND FORMER BOSTON CELTIC CHRIS HERREN — WHO SUFFERED SEVERAL OVERDOSES HIMSELF. HIS NEW REHAB CENTER IN SEEKONK LOOKS TO TEAR DOWN THE STIGMA OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE — A MODEL MANY OTHERS ARE NOW USING. 7:56:25 what are you thinking? im going to cut out a walking trail… CHRIS HERREN HAS BEEN SOBER NOW FOR ALMOST 10 YEARS. HIS NEW WELLNESS CENTER AT JACOBS HILL OPENED LAST WEEK. 11:13:40 i think when it comes to recovery it has been very cookie cutter for years.. HE SAYS HE WANTED TO CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT DIFFERENT FROM THE STEROTYPICAL REHAB FACILITY… 11:16:44 when it comes to addiction there is this unbeleivable stigma that is attached to it THAT STIGMA IS SOMETHING OTHER REHAB CLINICS ARE NOW TARGETING. SOT – Tom Hill — President and CEO, the Journey To Hope, Health and Healing, Inc. 14:09:32 unfortunately we have the best medication and the best treatment centers in RI available but they’re not coming in for treatment now. bc of the stigma attached to heroin 09:45 TOM HILL IS THE CEO OF “THE JOURNEY TO HOPE, HEALTH AND HEALING” … A SUBSTANCE ABUSE CLINIC WITH THREE LOCATIONS IN RHODE ISLAND. SOT – TOM HILL 10:40 the last five years theres been probably 4,800 people in treatment in all the treatment centers throughout RI. and that number actually hasn’t even changed. THE NUMBER OF TREATMENT CENTERS HASN’T INCREASED MUCH EITHER. WE CHECKED WITH THE RHODE ISLAND DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, AND IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS, THERE HAVE BEEN JUST EIGHT NEW LICENSED OPIOID TREATMENT PROVIDERS. HILL SAYS THE BIGGEST BARRIER TO PEOPLE SEEKINGTREATMENT IS GETTING THEM TO SEE ADDICTION AS A MEDICAL CONDITION. “that’s the switch we need to make in our heads and say it’s a medical illness, i need medical treatment.” BUT WHILE THESE TWO SUBSTANCE ABUSE CENTERS MAY ADAPT THEIR STRATEGIES — THE GOAL REMAINS THE SAME. HERREN 11:10:06 APPROX i think everbody deserves a shot 11:13:41 we just want to tap into what inspires you inspires you to what imlpores you to get well here but to maintinan a healthy lifestyle when you leave here. HERREN TELLS ME HIS WELLNESS CENTER CAN ACCOMODATE 12 RESIDENTS AT A TIME NOW…BUT WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE ENOUGH SPACE TO HOUSE 22 PEOPLE. MEANWHILE THE JOURNEY TO HOPE HAS CENTERS IN JOHNSTON, WESTERLY, AND PROVIDENCE — WITH A NEW LOCATION OPENING IN MIDDLETOWN IN APRIL. IM PL EN

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