Foreign Medical Program

The VA Foreign Medical Program,
or FMP, is a health care benefits program for U.S.
Veterans who are residing or traveling abroad who have a
VA-rated, service-connected disability. Through the Foreign Medical
Program, VA can pay for a U.S. Veteran’s service-connected
disability, or any disability associated with and aggravating
a VA-rated, service-connected disability. VA also provides
reimbursement through FMP for emergency care if the treatment
is associated with a service-connected disability.
Enrolling in FMP is simple. For example, let’s say you are a
Veteran who decides to permanently relocate to Germany,
and you have a VA-rated, service-connected disability.
After establishing a permanent foreign mailing address, you can
apply for benefits through FMP. This means you don’t need to
physically move to the new address before enrolling in FMP.
If you are already living abroad, you can enroll at any
time using your permanent foreign mailing address. If you
are a service-connected Veteran who is traveling abroad, and do
not have a permanent foreign mailing address, you can still
apply for FMP using your U.S. address. Please note that
certain countries are excluded from FMP. VA cannot reimburse
treatment for Veterans who reside in countries where U.S.
Department of Treasury checks are restricted or where travel
is prohibited. To enroll in FMP, complete and
sign VA Form 10-7959f-1, which can be found on our
website and mail it to this address Once we receive the form, we
will confirm your service-connected disabilities
and send you a benefits authorization letter. The letter
will explain all the medical disabilities that VA will cover
through FMP. After you receive the benefits
authorization letter, you can make an appointment with a local
provider. You can also make follow-up appointments as
needed. After you receive care, your
provider should send a claim directly to VA. If your provider
doesn’t send the claim directly to VA, then you will need to pay
the provider and then submit a claim to VA for reimbursement. The process for submitting
claims is the same whether by you or your provider. To submit
a claim, complete VA Form 10-7959f-2, which is on our
website and mail it to this address Please note the following about
FMP claims: – When VA receives the claim, we
will review it to make sure all the required documentation is
present and that the treatment can be paid for by VA. We will
contact you if more information is needed. Claim amounts are converted to
U.S. dollars according to the foreign currency rate on the
date of service. For more detailed information
and to learn more VA’s Foreign Medical Program, visit our
website or call us at the following phone number

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