For Natasha, VA’s women’s health clinic is a one-stop shop serving female Veterans.

[MUSIC]>>Text: Natasha, Army Veteran,
Explore VA, Health Care>>Speaking: I definitely think
the women’s clinic makes a difference in that I am already
very comfortable with the VA. And being able to utilize the
facilities there, as opposed to having to gallivant all over
Dallas to try to find someone, it makes a huge, huge
difference. Now, when I was pregnant with my daughter, there
were some things that I had to go elsewhere to do. And I found
it very difficult to navigate those systems after having the
experience that I have in the VA. So it has made a huge
difference. For me, the difference is the
comfort level. I know that at the VA, I know what to expect. I
know that I can go there, and I know who I’m going to see. I
know how to navigate around where I’m trying to go. I know
that if I need something that they’ll be able to find it or
help me find it. So I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed my
visits with the VA. I never felt cold or out of place. I
always felt comfortable. Women do not self-identify as
Veterans first, but in the women’s clinic, they are
Veterans. Most of the staff are female Veterans. They are
knowledgeable. And they understand what the female
Veterans are going through when they’re there. Knowing that
you’re dealing with people who have been through the same
things that you’ve been through on every level, not just as
Veterans and having been somewhere, but as female
Veterans. The VA provides almost everything that a female Veteran
needs. I have had my gyno visits there, all my mammograms there.
When I was pregnant with my daughter, I went through the
majority of my prenatal visits at the VA. It’s a one-stop woman shop.>>Text: Don’t miss out on
benefits you may have earned.

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