Football Clinic in Davidson County, NC – Kids and Pros

– When you look at the focus
of the Childress Institute, one of the areas is recreation and sports, prevention and care. We, the Childress institute
and Lexington Medical, we were brainstorming
how could we possibly do some things together in the community. We decided, you know, we
could probably put on a great sports safety event in the community and the question was what was the event? And so the Matt Casella Foundation has worked with Kids & Pros over the years on doing these heads-up
sports safety events, is really what it is. And so we decided, well why
don’t we put one together for Davidson County? – Our goal and mission is developing character and skills through athletics. We want to provide communities with the opportunity to learn from
former professional players, the local college coaches,
high school coaches and youth coaches, how to make
the game better and safer. 22 years of football,
and what I got out of it, yes I’ve scored a touchdown
on Monday Night Football, I did a lot of neat, neat stuff. Really neat stuff. But it’s the relationships. – One of the benefits of
putting on an event like this is that the whole community gets involved, so you really kind of
get community education. So you’ve got the coaches, the players, the parents, the trainers. – I’m gonna grab it, I’m gonna ask him to move his head this way and this way. Much play — – [Bob] And so it takes
a community to understand that this is an issue for football today, it’s frankly an issue for
all youth sports today. – There you go! – I’m a family physician but I also have secondary training in sports medicine and so, to get started young and to teach these kids this
way is really important. For me, I grew up playing football, I played from the age
of 10 years old to 22, and I know looking back
now, I had at least two or three concussions
that went undiagnosed. These kind of camps are
very important to me. In the past, there really
was not a lot of education with kids or coaches about
how to tackle appropriately. – I’m here because my 10 year old son began playing football last fall, and it’s important to me that he learn the proper techniques and
how to play football safely, and especially how to avoid
injuries like concussions. – As a physician, I think
events like this in a small community definitely
help with increasing awareness as to what to look out for
when it comes to injuries. Most injuries in children
occur at the growth plate. The growth plate are
the ends of each bone, and that’s what causes the bone to actually get longer with time. That’s how you grow leg bones, that’s how your kids get taller. – [Bob] These children out
here are really being taught that there’s a right way to tackle, there’s a right way to block,
and there’s a right way to take care of your brain. (coaches yelling instructions)

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