Florida Travel: Visit a Working Sea Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys

– [Announcer] This How
to Do Florida segment is presented by VISIT FLORIDA. – [Narrator] One of our
family’s favorite places to vist in the Florida Keys is
the Turtle Hospital, located in Marathon. Here, visitors can learn
all about sea turtles and get a close-up look at what it takes to nurse some of these
turtles back to health. – So, Bette, all the turtles
that we’re seeing here today, ultimately, they’re going
back out in the sea? – That’s our mission, is to return these guys
to their ocean home and they’re going back to the wild. – Who makes the decision when
a turtle is ready to go back? – That would be me or the
director of the center. – That’s a pretty
important decision, right? – It’s a very important decision. Because you’re determining
when they go out and when they’re ready
to survive the wild. – [Narrator] The hospital opened in 1986 and it’s mission is to
rehabilitate, research, and release these
magnificent sea creatures. – You’re so gentle! – [Narrator] Since
opening, over 1500 turtles have been released back into the wild. If you time your visit well enough, you can witness the
beauty of these turtles being released first hand. – [Announcer] This How
to Do Florida segment was presented by VISIT FLORIDA.

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