Florida Medical Clinic Gets Facelift

[MUSIC PLAYING] The St. Thomas
Aquinas Medical Clinic is an amazing free clinic that
is open to all the patients who have no insurance who
live in Osceola County. Seven years ago, I
was a patient here. They got my blood pressure
under control, my blood sugar under control. I came back to volunteer here at
the clinic because of the fact that without them, I
doubt I would be here. And this way, I can,
in turn, help them the way that they helped me. I can reach out and touch
someone who needs help, even if it’s just a hug. Every single night, we need like
12 to 15 people to volunteer. So these are people
that are like doctors, who work full-time. There are so many volunteers
that help put this together. This weekend, BB&T Bank is
coming to the St. Thomas Clinic. They’re going to come in. They’re going to
change the front room. They’re going to put in plants. They’re going to make
us a discharge room. I mean it’s a lot. It’s really going to be great. My name is Alicia Hermosa, and
I’m the market leader for BB&T. And I am also the co-captain of the Lighthouse Project. I drive around this
place all the time– coming to work after
dropping my kids at school. So driving by, I saw
that there was a lot of people waiting outside. It looked kind of dreary
and needed some help. Making a better place to
live in for our communities is part of BB&T’s mission. Our patients
deserve a big place, because they need that service,
and they will feel special. It’s definitely something
that’s unique to our bank that we get to be
involved in the process. Having something like this that
we can all get our hands dirty and do some painting,
spruce up a place– that’s really where we
like to be involved. Lighthouse. The Lighthouse Project
helps all of Osceola County.

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