Florida Diabetes Camps

The Florida Diabetes Camp was
started for kids with type 1 diabetes. For lots of families, they are nervous or
anxious about letting their kid go to a camp or even a sleepover with friends
and so this is a place where parents and families can feel safe sending their
kids to camp. There’s medical staff, people are trained in type 1 diabetes
care. The diabetes camp is a really special place, it’s an integral part of
what we do to care for children and families with type 1. It’s a place that I
sort of fell in love with endocrinology myself. Kids come there and they get to
be kids, surrounded by 150 other kids for a
session who are living through the same experience of diabetes and they’re not
different for a week of their lives. A lot of these kids, they may be the only
person they know with type 1 diabetes or the only kid at their school with type 1
diabetes, so you don’t have to explain like why you’re checking your blood
sugar, counting carbohydrates, giving a insulin shot or bolussing through your pump,
this is normal life so you don’t have to explain anything to anybody. I have type
1 diabetes. I started coming to camp when I was as a counselor right after I was
diagnosed at age 18. A lot of the volunteers, the medical staff, the nurses,
the psychology staff, a lot of them have type 1 diabetes too so I think that
helps families feel more comfortable and letting their kids stay here. And it’s an
incredible break for their families who are usually having to manage this really
challenging disease 24/7 and so moms and dads get a break. [Music]
Our camps lasts about a week usually the kids get here out like on a Saturday and
then they leave on a Saturday. We have multiple camps like over the summer, we
about six camps, all are different age groups and all are sometimes
different locations throughout Florida. A lot of people think that that like
glucagon is just glucose or sugar, it’s not, it’s a hormone just like insulin. We
do have some education sessions as well and they have the ability to ask
questions about either your diabetes care, some questions like how does
insulin work how, does glucagon work? We strongly encourage all our all our
patients that come to the Florida Diabetes Camp. It’s made a big difference in our
lives and so we want that experience for the kids that we see in clinic as well.

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