Florida Center for Recovery – Rehab Review

Um. Alright, so, I had a using partner that I always used with. Um, we always talk about getting better together, you know, going to get help together, and she brought this place in a conversation one day and uh, we made plans to go get better, you know, to come down here and get better together you know, and uh we talked about it, so I went home and I I looked up FCR on the Internet, and just did some Google research, you know, and I liked what I saw. You know, there’s tons of stuff to do down here. I mean really. Umm, it was really comfortable, I can only speak from my own experience, I came here for opiates. They put me on a short, short and sweet Suboxone taper. They have it down to a science I’d say, because I, I think I was on it for seven days and then off on the eighth day and I think I only felt really ill for maybe two days, if that. They got it down. I can say that much. All the nurses, my wife’s a nurse so, I mean, I can speak from experience from you know, how much work they have to put into it and care for the patients. You know. Kathy, I remember her from detox talked she helped me out a lot, and Levi and Fox. I mean everyone, everyone here is awesome. I mean really. The way I understand, was, I think each patient is hand-picked to go with each counselor the one that is best suited to them. So, I mean, me and Andrea, I mean we were perfect for each other. She knows exactly what I need in treatment, so I mean, she knows exactly what to give me. So, yeah it works. Umm, man! I’ve been talking about it the whole last week. It is just like, talking with other addicts, like, all day, and just like, (a sigh) just talking about you know, yourself or you know what you need to get off your chest. I mean, that’s the most like, that’s therapy to me. I mean just like bonding with a son like having a connection, just like knocking souls. You know, I mean that is everything to me. If you’re at that point, I mean, you know it’s going nowhere, so I mean, there is really, What else you gonna do? You just gonna lay around and wait to die? Because that’s how I felt. I mean, I just, I felt like I had only like a death wish after a while, you know, and um my wife told me that I was just, you know, a soulless body walking on house and you know, that what does that to you that f***ing, that hits you, you know, it hits you. So, I say to anyone if you really want help, then you have to go out and get it.

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