Five on 5 – Mick Zdeblick – Rogue Regional Medical Center

Craig: Welcome to our Five on 5 we’re pleased
to be joined today by Mick Zdeblick the new CEO of Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center;
Mick good to see you, thanks for being here today. Mick: Thank you. Craig: So you’re e new to the area and Asante;
been here about 5 weeks. Mick: Correct
Craig: What’s that been like for you? Mick: You know it’s been a great transition. We lived in the bay area before, my wife and
I and my daughter and we made the transition to this area; it’s fantastic. We just love the outdoors and the hikes and
the, certainly the commute has been much better. Craig: We were talking about that. Mick: Yeah. Where I can from was in the bay area and I
had about a good hour and 20 minute commute each way so to get it down to a very predictable
10-15 minutes has been nice. Craig: You’re swimming in time now. Mick: Yeah. Craig: Must be nice. Mick: A lot of time to get home. Craig: That’s good, that’s good. Mick: Very good. Craig: So what’s the hardest part of moving
to a new state and new health system? Mick: You know it’s, at the base level it’s
just learning a whole new team and learning the culture of the organization. Asante’s a very team work orientated culture
which is fantastic, one of the things I liked about it. The senior management team gets along really
well together and works well. So that collaborative nature is part of the
culture but then just meeting everybody. It’s a you know walking the halls and getting
to know everybody and having to find out how things are working out by meeting new folks. So it’s been a tough change and it’s a
good change, just in a change of department. Craig: Ok and you’re the former COO of El
Camino Hospital in Mountain View California; that’s the same hospital the new CEO of
Providence Medford Medical Center. Mick: Yes
Craig: I had to spot this and ask you about it; that’s Tomi Ryba over there at Providence;
what’s your working relationship like? Mick: Yes so Tomi hired me when I was at El
Camino, she was a CEO and I was the chief operating officer so I came in under her team. We worked together for her 5 years there. It was a good working relationship; I think
we both were looking for new opportunities and it is interesting how we both settled
in the same valley. Craig: Yes
Mick: But I see you know she’s very passionate about, as am I about behavioral health issues
and I’m sure we can find reasons to team up in the future on some of those topics as
well. Craig: Yeah, how will that benefit Medford’s
two hospitals after all you are in essence I’m not sure you see it this way but in
essence I might see you as competitors. Mick: That’s a great point. So you’re right; healthcare for me doesn’t
really work in the competitor kind of framework, I think we’ll try to make sure we always
do the best care for the patient and for the community but from a stand point of two different
systems and we’re vying for some of the same specialists and doctors I think it will
be a friendly competition. We’ll probably make sure we make, the community
has to come first and then the physicians and the patients practices around that. We’ll factor in that dialogue. Craig: Alright very good. We’re gonna take a quick commercial break;
we’ll have much more in a moment, stay with us. Craig: Welcome back to our Five on 5 again
we’re here with the new CEO of Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center; Mick Zdeblick; so
Mick what drew you to Asante and this position of CEO? Mick: That’s a great question; you know
my passion has always been to kind of work in a community that I lived. I spent 10 years at Rush University a medical
center in Chicago but we lived about 25 miles away so it didn’t feel like my immediate
community and in El Camino I lived in Santa Cruz so I kind of came up and over the mountain
top to get into Mountain View but here I’m gonna be living and working and with our market
share at Asante it seems like we can touch so many lives and make a huge impact on the
community. So that excitement to be working and making
an impact with my neighbors and their patients and their loved ones is a passion I have. Craig: Excellent, alright so I do have to
ask you about politics it’s something you’re probably use to with healthcare but with Republicans
looking to repeal and replace the affordable care act, Obamacare, there’s a lot of uncertainty
about the future of healthcare. How does that change what you do and what
Asante does? Mick: Yeah a lot of volatility in the market. We know prices and the payments are gonna
go down so really we’re reacting as if we know we’re gonna get less going forward
and we have to do more with what we have. So we’re gonna be smart in how we think
about care and get much more proactive, get much more preventative and certainly be there
for the high acuity, high risk; we’ll take care of those patients for sure but you know
the payments gonna get less so we have to think about how to be more fragile in our
care. Craig: Alright, great to see you. Welcome to the area. Mick: Pleasure, thank you. Craig: Stay with us, we’ll be right back.

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