Fitness program at Hope Rehab: How we help you beat your addiction

Hi, my name is Bill, I’m the fitness coach
at Hope Rehab. Today I’d like to tell you a little bit
about our fitness programme here in the mornings and the afternoons and sometimes on the weekends. In the mornings usually we’ll wake you up
at 6:15. There are a few exercises that you can do
in the mornings. Number one is yoga, so you have a sunrise
view, it’s done above our meditation room. Secondly you can have our gym, which there
will be someone guiding you, and then we have bike rides where you cycle about 2.5km and
then you walk up a hill which has an amazing view. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we do boot
camp, so it will be led by the interns or myself. On Tuesday and Thursday we either have Zumba
or aerobics. So morning exercises are mandatory, it’s
because at Hope we do encourage you to do fitness. It’s a big part of our programme and a big
part of our recovery steps. In the afternoons we have Alan and JP, they
will be doing more personal training which involves Pilates, a gym which involves fitball,
yoga, power yoga and many other things. On the weekends we take you out for football,
we’re going to play against the local Thai guys which is quite a competition sometimes. We’ll get our own Hope team, if you’re
not on detox we’ll take you there. We do not usually encourage people on detox
to do their fitness because sometimes you want them to ease into, that’s why I would
suggest newcomers to do yoga for two weeks, sometimes even a month before starting our
proper fitness programme. There are many benefits to fitness in recovery. At Hope we promoted fitness as part of our
recovery plan. I was an ex client and fitness has really
helped me, it has helped me a lot in my recovery actually, and also with the other clients. For example, they come in after a few years
long of drugs, alcohol using, and the body will be weak, but seeing their body transform
over time, especially the treatment clients, when they can feel confident about themselves
again, where they can eat healthy, where they can sleep healthy, sleep well, and the smile
on their faces, it’s irreplaceable to be honest. For you guys out there who are watching this,
I hope that was enough information about our fitness programme here and about how fitness
can help you in your recovery. Once again, I’m Bill from Hope Rehab and
thank you for watching this video.

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