First Robotic Surgery Conference at the Jewish General Hospital

I think it’s a start of a revolution. The Jewish General Hospital hosted its first ever surgical robotics conference. It was
an opportunity for experts to measure the impact of this recent technology in
the operating room. Welcome to this conference that promises to take a frank and compelling look at the current state of robotic surgery. It’s really taking surgery out of the hands of the surgeon by putting that computer in between us
and the patients, which allows us to get so much more information, to be so much
more precise and to be able to do personalized type of care for each
patient. Robotic assisted surgery allows the surgeon to use a computer to control a robot, to perform the surgery. It’s rare that we can learn something
completely new in our lifetime. So we’ve learned something in our
residency but now, all of a sudden there’s a brand new technique. It gives us technology to perform surgery in a way that we were not able to perform it even
five years ago. When I’m using the robot I have a camera
that’s millimeters from the tissue, inside the human body I can actually
dissect out nerves so I’m sparing people’s nerves. Certainly I think we have to convey to the government the importance of robotic surgery.
It’s modern medicine at its finest There’s no doubt that surgical robotics
is the way of the future and the smaller this technology gets the more it could
be used in a wider number of procedures. For West-Central Report, I’m Carl Thériault.

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