First on YouTube- cadaveric oath by medical students before [email protected] Dissection hall

I do solemnly pledge that
I will always treat you with respect and dignity of highest order; as you are my first anatomy teacher. I will always respect your privacy and confidentiality. I will be grateful to you and your family
for the gift of knowledge. I will use this knowledge for the service
of society. In all my deeds from now onwards, I will do
justice to your great sacrifice. No compensation these are the donated bodies, either they donate during their life, or they are donated by their relateives after their death. but still, it is grounded by various medical ethics main ethics concerned, is the respect to the human body so daily before the dissection, you need to bow the cadaver and after completing the dissection, you cover the cadaver, and again bow

100 thoughts on “First on YouTube- cadaveric oath by medical students before [email protected] Dissection hall

  1. What you will do in Autopsy room before incision of the 1st body , who have no relative and news about his/her family ..
    Please reply sir

  2. I like the respect shown. I have arranged for my body to go to a company here in the states called Science care. They provide cadavers or individual body parts to medical schools ands mortuary training facilities.

  3. Ya Doctors in LD(kashmir) refused to treat a pregnant woman..bcz she was a poor nd of low caste…den she delivered a still born baby at a road….

  4. i ll tell u my experience….i couldn't sleep the whole night after my 1st anatomy class….i literally freaked out at the 1st view only……but it was my assigned duty to learn these things in this field….but after that i had terrifying nights

  5. Indian doctors are looters and cheaters. This is drama. Most of the indian doctors don't know the basics of medical science. They are good for nothing.

  6. బలహీ నతను కాపా డే తాపత్రయమే
    తప్ప వైవిద్యాన్ని ప్రదర్శింప జేసె గొల్ల
    తనమైతే గాదు అల్లోపతీ….

  7. Dr banane ke bad ye sabse jayda haramkhor hote . Mariz ki jaan lene me bhi nahi hichakte hai… kya kre humlogo ke option nhi hai doctor ke pass nahi jane ka
    Noble profession ke nam par dhandha khol rkha hai…. mc

  8. I remember munna bhai mbbs when sanjay dutt learns out of his curiosity but soon after as he sees the body faints 😂🤣😅😹

  9. Yaaa dctr is grt…

    That why I also want to become a dctr…

    Salute to all dctrs…. 🤗🤗🤗😇😇🙂🙂😊😊☺

  10. Professor in medical college are stupid and arrogant…….. they don't teach and explain anything to students…… that's why Students are forced to learn from their so called inexperienced , great , hardworking ragging Seniors ……. that's why their is high failure rate student's in medical colleges , suicide and no good jobs after finishing the degrees …… it's a total system failure where education is not a concern for the professor who earns 3 lacs per month exclusively for passing his skills to students but they don't care…… that's the reason common man in India still dies for so many diseases due to utter negligence by doctors in medical colleges….. that to the doctor's in super speciality wards ……so forget about internees and others…… ragging is a another concern in Indian medical colleges ……no control on that as well….. student's and patients are at stake … only nature only can save us from this savage …..since doctors have no fear of God these days …..they consider themselves as living gods……

  11. Kya Chootiyaapa hai , yahan log Zinda insaaan ki Respect nahin karte , aur yeh dead bodies ko respect de rahe hain, lol Fool, poor, benighted people

  12. Gran de mostracion del respeto y la coherencia del porque trabajar con cadaveres en la enseñanza de la anatomia humana

  13. Bhai ache se seekhna kyuki ache well qualified docters ki bahut kami hai india mei sirf mbbs degree le k dr bnne ka nai ya paise k liye -medical line ka nam shine krwane k liye kam kro seekho

  14. Doctor fild mai ye galat kar rahe hai… Respect to hai in dead body k liye par ye fool dalna pair padna these r totally andhashrdha related things👎👎

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