First Impression Greeters-The Nebraska Medical Center

My name is Clarke Edson; I’m a first impression
greeter at The Nebraska Medical Center. If they need assistance, directions to somewhere,
maybe we can help them get to the places in an order that makes the time go fastest for
them or easiest for them. If they need wheelchairs or something like that we can help them out
with that too and if they need assistance to a destination we’ll take them. Can I help you find anything this afternoon? No, thank you. It can make the traffic, I think, flow so
much smoother around here so that people get to their appointments in a timely manner. Any directions this afternoon? We know where
we are going? How are you? Good! Good, glad to hear it. Hi, I’m Bill McCafferty, I’m a first impression
greeter at The Nebraska Medical Center. I love my job! Walk to the store on the right and turn right
ok? Thank you. You’re welcome. How are you? The whole purpose of us being here is to help
people. The hospital started the program about three and half years ago, there were two of
us, now there are several more and we have them at all the facilities, at Clarkson, University
and rovers that go back and forth from the towers.
What we try to do is to anticipate or engage the people when they come in. You can just
tell, they have a certain look, they are looking up in the air, looking right to left, looking
for something or somebody, and they are going to pick somebody up. That engagement question,
I think, is very important. We get out and try and see them before they really get too
confused. Get on the B elevator and take it up to your
floor. Thank you. You’re welcome. This just epitomizes service and when you
can be here on the front line every day you just feel good when you go home. You feel
good, you accomplished something. This is the best job I’ve ever had. It is just part
of something that’s helpful and part of that service that really is unique to this hospital.

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